DJBUL TEAM DJ and Producer wokshop studios greets 2013 / 2014 Workshop Season with a great surprise for you, music lovers. DJBUL TEAM Trademark which protects it’s title being the first DJ and Producer Workshop Studios with european standards of training basis and substential technology for about 18 years starts a production album with the partnership of ‘Caretta Records International Producing and Publishing Team’.
Erdi İltaş from Caretta Records team takes charge of the production of this unique album named by ‘DJBUL TEAM FUTURE SOUND’. Very special songs that are arranged by DJBUL TEAM trainers and trainee take place in this work’s content of concept. A 13-year-old DJ – Producer who improved himself in our trainings and defines his own style despite his young age also takes part in this album. ‘DJBUL TEAM FUTURE SOUND’ album which has much more surprise works inside is getting ready to meet the music lovers in our country and worldwide in 105 digital music stores and 240 countries with Carretta Records label.
For detailed information you can visit Djbul, Caretta Records, DJBUL Audio, Bendolmakistioyrm, Stars DJ and Radio DJBUL web sites.