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Thread: heartscore-new song "Railroad avenue" (progressive rock)

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    heartscore-new song "Railroad avenue" (progressive rock)

    Hello everybody, I have just finished a new song with my project "heartscore". The song is basing on the poem "Railroad avenue" by the famous american poet Langston Hughes. I would describe the music as art-rock. That means it's a progressive rock, but not in the sense of modern progressive rock like dream theater. I like orchestral arrangements, so here you have a synth-brass-section, a real violin (played by myself), guitars (also played by myself). For the first time in the history of "heartscore" I have hired a professional singer from the website (Los Angeles), where you can find many studio-musicians for hire. I looked for a male voice with a blues/soul-vibe, but able to perform complex progressive-rock. At last I choosed "Chris" from their site and I am very happy with the result. You can listen to the song and download it for free using the link below. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    Always interesting to hear work from members. Best of luck with your progress

    Pining for the South of France

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    Sounds great

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