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Thread: Vandals of Church organs

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    Vandals of Church organs

    This is not a nightmare, it is true.
    I am very sad, because, yesterday, visiting the Island of Oleron (France, Atlantic coast) with my family, we bought a local newspaper and we learned that the church or Marennes where I have been the organist for 8 years was ransacked and partially burned by vandals. I hope they did not also damaged the organ that is located on the ground floor, near by the altar. What a pity !
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    Unfortunately there are scum like that all over the world.

    Pining for the South of France

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    That must have been a bit of a shock Jean-Paul. It's always so sad when people destroy what is meaningful to others. Hope the damage is able to be repaired, and indeed that the organ has not been affected.

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    There are too many evil minded folks out there ... to attack a church and destroy its furnishings is just pointless. I hope they catch the thieves and relegate them to endless hours in an organ chamber while the mixture ranks are being tuned .

    It's just a shame considering all the history involved, only to have it destroyed in minutes after centuries of existence.

    Btw, I've moved this discussion to a thread all it's own, because it's that important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krummhorn View Post
    relegate them to endless hours in an organ chamber while the mixture ranks are being tuned .
    if the mixture pipes are of tin, it will be more painful than if they're of lead (hehheh)

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