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The London based Rock and Roll outfit STAGS release their next single entitled "Stealing My Heart / Love Will Delay” available worldwide on the 4th November 2013.Unlike many bands, STAGS have the appeal of being a multinational collective; with their main vocalist ‘Christopher Finney’ from Manchester city, lead guitarist ‘Alessio Pesaresi’ from sun swept Italy, bassist ‘Oisìn Walsh’ from Denmark and drummer ‘George Vallack’ from Brighton. STAGS describe their sound as ‘’Alternative Rock / Grunge’’ influenced by the late 1960's early 1970’s Rock and Roll stars including the Rolling Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and 1990’s rock legends such as Pearl Jam, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The White Stripes and QOTSA. It is effortless to hear the creativity spawned by their counterculture movement and the legacy of the trailblazing bands that provide their inspiration.Formed in early 2011, STAGS proceeded to cultivate their cultural and musical influences resulting in the birth of their debut E.P “Emotional No” which led them to their UK and European live tours. Having achieved a great deal since penning “Emotional No”, this fresh proclamationhas already maintained pre announcement attention from UK Radio Stations and Press and will undoubtedly set the stage to expand on their radio play achievements which has already spanned 90 stations in 16 countries.The instantly distinguishable gritty, adenoidal vocals of ‘Christopher Finney’ somewhat resembling the prowess of the legendary Jim Morrison from the Doors are emphasized above the hooky instrumentation expressing his broad range of time and ability to extend individual words into grainy multi-pitched lyrics to compliment ‘Alessio Pesaresi’s heavy, guitar-driven sound that is reminiscent of one of the progenitors of hard rock such as Led Zeppelin. STAGS performances have been described as energetic, feisty, whilst their showcases make for a compelling spectacle. Throughout their tours they have humbly shared the stage with international artists like Brooklyns Peanut Butter Lovsicle, L.A’s Queen Kwong, The Tricks and Bromheads, leading toappearances in some of theUK’s and Europe’s most prestigious venues; such as Liverpool’s Cavern Club, Islington O2 Academy and The Borderline.A record release STAGS showcase for Stealing My Heart / Love Will Delay" isset to take place at the prestigious ‘Proud Galleries’ Camden, London on Saturday the 2nd of November alongside a UK and European tour which is in the pipeline.Watch this space for imminent updates, as STAGS are set for an exciting Rock and Roll ride in their music careers.


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