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Thread: Pierre Cochereau rocks, man...

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    Pierre Cochereau rocks, man...

    Pierre Cochereau's Scherzo Symphonique is such a swashbuckling romp in the manner of Ultra-Symphonism - It'll rock your cradle...
    *If a man wants God to hear his prayer quickly, then before he prays for anything else, even his own soul, when he stands and stretches out his hands towards God, he must pray with all his heart for his enemies. Through this action God will hear everything that he asks* -Abba Zeno-

    *Protagoras: "Truth is subjective. What is true for you, and what is true for me, is true for me. Your opinion is true by virtue of its being your opinion."

    *Socrates: "My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you are in absolute error. Since this is my opinion, then according to your philosophy you must grant that it is true."

    "Improvisational Art":

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    Even better, buy this three-CD set:

    and hear Cochereau improvising the piece on a re-mastered CD of the original recording, in excellent quality. As good as Kalevi Kiviniemi is, the original is simply stunning - for example, the theme is far clearer at Nôtre-Dame. In addition, there are many other superb improvisations, all recoded live at Nôtre-Dame - either in concert or during services. There is a second Scherzo Symphonique (which I regard as even better than the one above).

    The first disc is repertoire, but with the last two tracks being improvisations on La Marseillaise. The second features improvisations in concert and the third disc contains improvisations during services. Amongst many treasures, there is a superb Sortie (postlude), which was originally improvised in December 1968 (before Robert Boisseau added the Chamades).

    In addition, there is a sixty-six page booklet, with many monochrome photographs, the stop-list of the grand organ of Nôtre-Dame (at the time of most of the recordings) and many tributes to the life of Cochereau, made by those who knew him. Several of these are quite moving - including one or two regarding his sudden death, which took place around thirty-six hours after the recording of the final track* was made. One of the main contributors is Pierre Pincemaille (himself a brilliant improvisor and titulaire of the Grandes Orgues de l'Abbatiale de S. Denis, Paris). He knew Cochereau very well and wrote eloquently of his experiences.

    I recommend this box-set to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Cochereau or improvisation.

    * An improvisation on the Passion Chorale, with organ and brass instruments (which played the chorale in harmony). This itself was taken from another superb CD box-set of Cochereau, improvising during evening readings of the Passion narrative, in the Lent season of his final year. Whilst the account of Christ's Passion (and the events leading up to it) was read live in the cathedral, Cochereau played musical commentaries, which were interspersed between the readings.

    He put much work into this, reading each Biblical passage thoroughly first, then devising themes, prior to improvising. The result is both stunning and moving. Here, there are no whirling scherzi, nor bombastic sorties. Some of this music is quite dark - reflecting, naturally, the subject-matter of the readings. However, what one has is simply wonderful. The essence of each reading is captured perfectly. The overall effect is powerful and very moving:

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    Pierre Cochereau rocked, man.

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