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Thread: Ethnic Folk-Rock...

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    Ethnic Folk-Rock...

    I recently met this classy lady named Pelagea who surprises many:
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    Comrade I just can't share your enthusiasm a deep voice OK but the backing was horrendous to my poor delicate ears, sorry. but even friends have different tastes.
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    Thats a very lively lady CD. I tried to keep up with her dancing. I am now in traction.

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    Thats pretty cool kinda reminds me of my two new favourite bands right now:

    Finterforst - A german folk-metal

    The Rube - A thai folk-alternative

    (Here's a their latest MV for the curious

    Thanks for sharing

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    Really cool performance, that's for sure something like traditional Russian songs covered in rock cobver
    Sounds nice though.
    As for the Ethnic Folk-Rock, there is another person from that country I really like -
    More tothe folk actually but there are some Ethnic music as well

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