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Thread: The Avengers OST for Concert Band arrange, for sale.

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    The Avengers OST for Concert Band arrange, for sale.

    Hello to everyone. After lots of hours working, I proudly bring this arrange from the OST from the movie ‘The Avengers’ (2012), for full concert band.
    The arrange sounds spectacular, brilliant. Harmony is incredible, full of sound, splendid, and the melody is powerful, the right point. This OST is really exciting, and the work has been deliberately made so that the band that performs it will sound at its best.
    The length is 6 min. 15 sec. It is not a little 2 min. arrange, it is more than that, with tension moments, embracing moments… The work is a complete synthesis of the entire Avengers’ OST. Instrumentation:
    -Flute 1
    -Flute 2
    -Clarinet in Bb 1
    -Clarinet in Bb 2
    -Alto Saxophone
    -Tenor Saxophone
    -Baritone Saxophone
    -Trumpet in Bb 1
    -Trumpet in Bb 2
    -Other percussion instruments

    Full score included. It is provided a PDF file and a .sib file (Sibelius software). Price: $35.
    Thank you.

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    Here is an audio preview. It is exported from Sibelius software, so it has some minor playback issues. Sorry, this is all I can do.https://************/#!aMh02CLQ!GemJ...sRIGg9l_oThank you.

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    I don't know what is going on with the link. Here it is again.

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