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Thread: Special music for Easter 2014

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    Special music for Easter 2014

    Curious to know what everyone is playing for Holy Week and Easter this year in their churches.

    In my own parish, Maundy Thursday begins with the Prelude from the Organ Sonata I by Felis Borowski

    At communion I will play Prelude au Kyrie by Jean Langlais

    There is no postlude on that evening as the service 'continues' on Good Friday.

    Good Friday has no prelude or communion in our church.

    The service will conclude with Come Sweetest Death of Bach (played in total darkness) and then the tolling of a chime 33 times.

    Easter Sunday we have Brass and Organ and my postlude is my own arrangement of Now All the Vault of Heavens Resounds in a toccata style.

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    In my choir days the highlight was Stainer's "Crucifixion"

    I recall still singing the treble/soprano line in my 20s but dropping to counter tenor/alto in later years

    Probably my favourite part of the work being
    Cheers MIKE.

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    That is magnificent Mike and the 'Choir of Clare College' must be one of the best, I also sang in Stainer's Crucifixion but only as a youthful treble.
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    Here are some things I'm playing this week:

    Parry: Jerusalem
    Diggle: Were you there
    Gounod: There is a Green Hill
    Bach: Herzlich thut mich verlangen
    Bach: Christ lag in Todesbanden
    J.C. Kittel: Mach dich, mein Geist, bereit
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