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Thread: London Singer Shereen Shabana

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    Cool London Singer Shereen Shabana

    Today the light will shine on London Singer Shereen Shabana

    Jackson: Hey Shereen it's good to meet you!

    Shereen: Hi Jackson nice to meet you too!

    Jackson: Lets do what we set out to do!

    Shereen: Ok!

    Jackson: Are you comfortable?

    Shereen: Yes I am thank you!

    Jackson: You have a beautiful accent. Where are you from?

    Shereen: I'm from London but by father is from Egypt and my mother is from UK.

    Jackson: Ok! What influenced you to become a singer?

    Shereen: I always loved singing and performing since I was a child. This is one thing I know I can do good! It was either music or cooking in a burger joint. I know for sure in a burger joint I would probably burn the buns. Ha!

    Jackson: That was funny! Do you write your own lyrics?

    Shereen: I write some of my lyrics. I like to write about things that affects me. I'm very normal so my everyday problems are the same as everyone else.

    Jackson: Share with me your typical day in the studio.

    Shereen: I will arrive at the studio to do a little work , then eat loads of food. But if it's a writing session we tend to play around with ideas until we come up with something we agree upon.

    Jackson: Do you have representation?

    Shereen: Yes I have a manager and his name is Kevin Reynolds of KRMB Management. He became my manager when I was sixteen years old. He gives me plenty of room grow as an artist and he has opened many doors for me musically and I must say he feeds me loads of food. On a serious note he has taken me around the world to gain experience with various producers and song writers.

    Jackson: Where did you get your training to entertain?

    Shereen: I went to various drama work shops when I was young. I also took a music course at KIngston College. It was a lot of theatre work and performance skills. It's a mixture of natural stuff and the desire to entertain people.

    Jackson: Name some of the places you have performed in Europe.

    Shereen: I've recorded in Paris France, and Cyprus. My live performances have been in the UK.. and a few low key performances in Egypt.

    Jackson: Which one of your performances was most challenging?

    Shereen: I performed at a showcase in London called the "Music Box" at a place called "The Ten Rooms" that attracts top celebrities in the UK. It was tough singing to a room of divas and musicians. The reason is if you make slightest mistake they will know it and to me that's scary! But it went down really well.

    Jackson: You were invited to work with a legendary singer and producer in LA. Can you share with me who that is?

    Shereen: Yes it's Billie Griffin lead singer of "The Miracles" who was signed with Barry Gordy/Motown. When Smokey Robinson left "The Miracles" in 1973 he was re-placed by Billie Griffin as their new lead singer.

    Jackson: That is big!

    Shereen: Yes it is and I am so excited to work with such a legend. My manager is currently working out the details. We hope to be in LA in June, 2006.

    Jackson: I think I will reach out to him. Now Shereen what motivates you to succeed?

    Shereen: The Love of music and the thought that my music affect people in a positive way. Music is a great way of expressing feelings. That motivates me.

    Jackson: Is acting an option for you?

    Shereen: Yes! I am a "Drama Queen" for sure.

    Jackson: How can people reach you if they are interested in contacting you?

    Shereen: People can check out samples of my music and leave comments at and business people can email my manager at: I love to hear what American people think about my music. My official website is:

    Jackson: What do you like most about the music industry?

    Shereen: Not a lot. It's a real tough business and so hard to get into. Believe it or not but the internet has opened up doors for new artists with great talent to the public.

    Jackson: Where do you see yourself in five years?

    Shereen: I hope to have tons of fans buying and loving my music and touring the world.

    Jackson: What advise do you have for someone trying to break into the music industry?

    Shereen: Don't give up! Surround yourself with a good team of honest people to guide and support you.. Even family members.. your gonna need that support network.. Always be honest and true to yourself.

    Jackson: This is what I want to do Shereen. Readers from all over the country email me with their comments and suggestions everyday. I think you have such a beautiful voice and I would like for people to hear what I hear when I listen to you! Can I pass out copies of your CD to readers who contact that ok with you?

    Shereen: That's a wonderful idea Jackson. I have loads of love for you right now.

    Jackson: OK we'll talk more behind the scenes.

    Shereen: I want to make a request before I leave. I love reading books on relationships so can I get a signed copy of your book Instant Message (IM)?

    Jackson: You know about my book? Sure no problem! I want to say that I really enjoyed your company and you were loads of information. Before you leave LA from working with Billie Griffin give me a call.

    Seek Success and Success will Find You! Exposure is the Key to Success!

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    Great interview, thanks for posting this up.

    She sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more from Shereen

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