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Thread: J.S.Bach-Preludes&Fugues-best version?

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    J.S.Bach-Preludes&Fugues-best version?


    I love the WTC although like most people I have my favorites
    I'd rather have students learn a prelude than inflict scales & arpeggios on them, although doing both would be better.
    I would like other peoples opinions on who to listen to in order to decide on my own interpretation - JSB didn't give us much to go on - no fingering, tempo, dynamics etc.
    G.Gould did an interesting if somewhat inconoclastic CD but I would like to hear some more classical versions.

    Any ideas?


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    Hi there,

    Glenn Gould is actually my favourite player of JS Bach`s piano music...

    Sometimes I have students play some of the more fun studies (ex. Burgmuller`s 'Arabesque'), rather than scales etc...nice that your students can do Bach Preludes. I`ve taught the 'easy' one several times- No. 1 in C...
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    Hi Dixon!
    Andras Schiff did a great recording of Das Wohltemperiertes Klavier for Decca and Edwin Fischer too. They are two very different recordings. Schiff is properly the most classical of the two.


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    My favourite (piano) recording is that of S. Richter.

    What I like about it is that he leaves the "playing alla harpsichord" to the harpsichord (note that I do like WTC on the harpsichord), and plays the piano as... well, as a piano, exploiting its full potential.

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    Edwin Fischer.

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    Gould for me also!


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    The wonderful thing about JSBach in the WTC is that he did not give us much to go on...can be interpreted as JSBach telling the musicians to be artists...and use the brain.

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