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Thread: Marco Den Toom - Final from Sonata no.1 -Guilmant-Oude Kerk,Amsterdam orgel

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    Marco Den Toom - Final from Sonata no.1 -Guilmant-Oude Kerk,Amsterdam orgel

    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

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    Quote Originally Posted by wljmrbill View Post
    It is often fascinating how Dutch organists cope with aplomb on old instruments in The Netherlands, when performing symphonic and Romantic repertoire. I have played this instrument (and thought it rather lacklustre)* This is a good performance, for which the organ is giving him very little help. (Although naturally, one or two registrants is normal there.)

    I also have a CD or two of Jos van der Kooy playing works by Liszt and other Romantic symphonic composers at Saint Bavo, Haarlem. Incredibly, he makes it sound like a large instrument by William Hill, of perhaps 1890-1895 vintage. In particular, the chorus reed sound superb.

    And how gratifying to see such a large audience. If this were to be attempted in England, on the nearest equivalent 'period' instrument, whilst they would probably both enjoy it, the audience would, like the boy at 6':57", in all probability be eager to get back to their i-Pads and smartphones....

    * It has been altered - and not for the better - in the nineteenth century, so that it now possesses more Romantic touches than perhaps it should.

    Pierre Cochereau rocked, man.

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