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Thread: Marco Den Toom - J.S.Bach - Dorian Toccata BWV538(Symphonic Version )

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    Marco Den Toom - J.S.Bach - Dorian Toccata BWV538(Symphonic Version )

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    Quote Originally Posted by wljmrbill View Post

    Not for me, I am afraid.

    It is too fast - and Bach's clearly (and rarely) marked clavier changes* were virtually pointless, since the registrations of each department were too similar. Neither is there supposed to be a gradual stop crescendo. I am fully aware that the clip is entitled 'Symphonic Version' - but this blatant disregard for Bach's instructions renders the piece entirely out of character. Surely the whole point of this excellent Toccata, is to feature (in dialogue) two contrasting choruses.

    Whist the performance was technically competent, for me it does not compare favourably with the sublime rendition by the late Helmut Walcha, at Sint Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

    In addition, for my taste, the van Hagerbeer/Schnitger organ (restored and returned to its disposition as left by Schnitger in about 1723, by Flentrop) is probably the perfect instrument for Bach's organ music.

    * The clavier indications are definitely by Bach, according to several sources.
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