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Thread: What fusion is to me.

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    What fusion is to me.

    Fusion to me is desire.

    It is what I want it to be.

    It is what I make it to be.

    It has no boundaries, no rules.

    It has no adherence or controls.

    It either is fusion or it isn't.

    It is a special type of music genre that is hard to describe and
    easy to define.

    It is an esteemed style of music that is flexible and narrative.

    It is charasmatic and reserved.

    It is cool.

    The people who create it are cool.

    The people who listen to it are cool.

    ~Imagine a world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries.
    A world where anything is possible.~

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    I've got to say I agree with everything you've written. Fusion is definately the Bahai of music. No preconceptions. No prejudice. And yes it's very cool.

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    Nice perspective on fusion right there. I agree with you that it has no boundaries. Fusion gives more freedom for artists to express themselves artistically. As long as there is fusion, birth of new ideas will always happen.

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    It couldn't have been more beautifully expressed. As long as it reaches and touches the other soul, the job is done. One needs to appreciate the beauty that lies in music. Beyond that it doesn't matter whether it belongs to the Eastern or the Western world. Fusion assimilates everything, makes it one.

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    Experimentation keeps things fresh and interesting, and it is courtesy of fusion music that many people are getting a taste of different genres.

    It is also one of the most challenging albeit rewarding genres of music to produce. I take my hat off to anyone that can mix seemingly unrelated styles of music and still create something uniquely beautiful.

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