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Thread: Community Outreach: Concert Series; Hymn Sings; Choral Readings

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    Community Outreach: Concert Series; Hymn Sings; Choral Readings

    Are any of you involved in community outreach through your post?

    Do you have a scheduled lunchtime concert series, perhaps weekly or twice a month?

    Do you have a monthly or every other month hymn sing, perhaps prior to your worship service?

    Do you host choral readings of larger works with guest conductors?

    In short, what are you doing to - in essence - promote your brand, in order to increase musical participation and attendance? As organists, sometimes we need to be our own best musical friend and advocate.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Annual Hymn Sing event ... Sierra Vista, Arizona. I am the solo organist/accompanist for this annual event that we've been doing since 2008. It's held in a large Catholic parish some 75 miles from where I live in Tucson. There is a 1949 III/30 Möller installed in that church. The event is each September, and we have a combined choir of about 90 voices from all the area churches perform a couple of anthems as well.

    I am also the solo organist/accompanist for an annual presentation of Messiah by Handel (Part I) each December in this same church.

    In my home parish, we do two cantatas each year - one on 1st Sunday in Advent, and the other on Palm Sunday. With each presentation we have a 5 piece string group (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 bass) and I usually have the organ continuo part. The exception was a couple years back with our presentation of The Seven Last Words by Dubois.

    Locally too, we have our own chapter of the A.G.O. (American Guild of Organists) and have concerts, organ crawls, and an annual "Pedal, Pipes & Pizza" event where we invite those young people who are interested in learning more about the pipe organ.

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