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Thread: Priest/Pastor-Organist Communication, Or Lack Thereof

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    Whoa! The sexton has complete control over the power to the organ ... even on Sunday mornings? Creepy.

    As to the organist "wouldn't like that", how on earth would he or she even know? I mean, the instrument is owned and is the property of the parish/church, not the organist ... unless the organist has enough clout to determine whom can play it and when. I have such authority in my church - the console requires a key ignition switch to start the blower. But if I know in advance someone is going to visit, I will make the necessary arrangements.

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    The priest (has been there three years, but only weeks as administrator), didn't coordinate with the organist. The sexton flat-out refused.

    I would think that the organist simply plugs the organ in and turns on the appropriate circuit breaker (per the taped-on cryptic instructions on the console).

    I fathom that the organ is left unplugged due to lightning strike issues. The breaker, on the other hand, is a complete mystery to me.

    I asked to be shown the breaker box. That, too, was rebuffed.

    I could have had a simple phone meeting rather than driving 70 miles round-trip. I, like most of us, just don't have the time to waste.

    If elected, I'm not sure I would choose to serve. After this episode, I don't plan to negotiate my salary nor working arrangements. --KMB

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    FWIW, the story ended last night. Received a lovely letter from the priest. The parish simply cannot afford me. It only took two months from beginning to end. Alas, what a waste of time. --KMB

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