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    I am a new member and my first upload of only 50 KB was rejected. Is this normal? This is way below the 10 MB mentioned above.

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    Hi Rodney,

    A few years ago we were forced to make significant changes because of spammers/hackers attempts to ruin this site for the rest of us legitimate users. In doing so, we had to create a new usergroup (Civilian) that has limited privileges until the new member has completed at least 10 postings (anywhere except community forum) at which time their account will be given the permission to access their profile and be able to upload, in totality of all files, up to the 10 Mb limits.

    The 'incentive posting' of the site owner reads (in part)
    • Members with 10 or more posts now has 10 MB of storage space instead of 5 MB before
    Kh ~~.

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