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Thread: Behringer Amp 800 PROBLEMS !!

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    Behringer Amp 800 PROBLEMS !!


    I just bought the Behringer Amp 800

    And I having a lot of problems, I only get feedback in my headset when it's off but when I press it and turn it on there nothing??
    who can that be, as soon as all the lights is on it doesnt give me any thing and I can only use ONE of the 4 channels... why???



    - Daniel Svensson (Denmark)

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    Hej Daniel

    First thing I would check is all the wiring ... making sure that "out" from the source goes to "input" on the destination.

    I noticed that Behringer has a 3 year warranty ... is this item not returnable and/or have you checked with the manufacturer for technical assistance?

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