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Thread: Who is harold smart

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    Who is harold smart

    Hello all,

    I apologise that this is not classically related and yet still posted inthe classical section but i did not know where else to put it!!

    Anyway, i am currently preparing for my solo BA Music recital at university and one of the pieces i am performing is Organ Hoedown by the organist Harold Smart. I am having a great deal of difficulty finding information on him or the piece and i just wondered if anyone knew anything about him?

    I have searcehd on the net but to no success :-(

    I just need a bit of background information on him to put in my programme notes, any help would be most appreciated!!


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    Hi Debs,

    I didn`t know Harold Smart, so I had a look around; there`s really nothing about him out there. Except there seems to be some sort of competition named in his honour.. maybe you could mention that- assuming it`s the same Harold Smart... or list some of his other works; there seem to be quite a few.
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    Harold Smart

    I to am researching Harold Smart, my wife's mum dated him years ago when she was a singer with the Peter Knight Singers. I am researching him for different reasons, he used to own a Maestrovox keyboard which my wife's grandad designed in 1952. I would be happy to share information and am trying to track down his family to see if they know anything about the Maestrovox. The maestrovox page can be found at
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