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Thread: N.A.S.A. N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.

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    Nu Zeln
    So you’re a cagy hander John I often wonder how much more difficult it is to play instruments that are intended for right handers egPiano, Flute where the key work would be in the way and of course a Guitar,when you dance with your girl and guitar to you play mostly on the G string?

    The text on “Gigsters” blog is kind of mixed up some of it on top of other text or is it my slow connection.
    I like your hair parting I suppose it is a bit wider now.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Hey JHC! You're right about the hair parting wider now, doing a new 'do pretty soon.
    I'm thinking a comb-over with five, curled ringlets like waves, half-way down my forehead,
    losing my Santa Claus look and going medium dark blonde, half-way to what was reddish-brown.
    Mind you, if I got a car wash job I could use both hands to dry and my beard to buff out scratches,
    catching the fast cash.

    Right next door, with Bell wireless on a laptop, the text was jumbled and pics unsized.
    But with a hand-held of another provider in the other hand, all looked as I published it.

    The buyer and seller next door got over 450 movies in, mostly VHS.
    He sells those the most.
    I got there early to get first pick, catching the invitation earlier this week,
    and got a nice find,
    "A Reader's Digest Exclusive (Exclusive underlined) DVD Collection,
    Scenic Walks Around the World. Our Dramatic Planet. Romance With Nature. Historic Pathways.
    This is a 3-disc set, really nice.
    I haven't watched anything yet, but disc one, "Our Dramatic Planet",
    features scaling Africa's Kilimanjaro, a plunge to the depths of the Grand Canyon,
    and a hike "through the lush forests of New Zealand".

    The moment I saw lush and forests I thought it must be you in your backyard.

    Orville Gibson, who started Gibson Guitar Company in 1850, played lefty with bass on the bottom.
    I sometimes think left-handed people invented some instruments that righties play upside-down.
    I can play anything any bass topped guitarist can play, and then play more,
    and that includes hitting my little finger for a steady beat.
    I can play a full, six string barre chord with three fingers moving,
    and make my thumb stick out under the neck to wiggle at people on the dance floor.
    That makes some people laugh and ask to see it again.
    And... and... I not only got the finger tip, I got the lip and the hip to go wit'it!

    Get ready, JHC! I might make a video of me playing guitar with my new Fuzz Face.
    The thought of posting the link here first is somehow comforting to me,
    compared to putting it up on my domain. This new domain is involving police action already,
    and Kijiji had to cut off someone who sent very detailed threatening email.
    That's why I put up that paragraph about a new kind of cowardice, sending without an active reply.

    I'm not kidding about a black hole tone making Welland swirl around even more.
    Here's an article from the early eighties, the only time I worked with a bottom bass string lefty bassist.
    I could reach around and play his top strings while he was playing on the E, stuff like that.

    N.A.S.A.  N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.-trouble-clef1-jpg

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    Nu Zeln
    So you played the pubs as well, great stuff what were you paid? In the late 50s we received 3 pounds each for a 2 1/2 gig and thought we had cracked it. My day job paid about 26-27 pounds for a 44 hr week that is from the dim recesses of my memory.
    That was a starting wage.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC! It feels good to be back.
    Some times it's not good to be John Watt, protest mayoral candidate, taking a big drug overdosing hit a month ago,
    that I'm still recovering from. Blood tests showed three different drugs, one with an entertainment factor.
    I can't type about that here, too disgusting. They were in some food I drank in my apartment,
    that now features a new dead-bolt I bought and installed myself.

    I'm happy to answer your questions about doing the gigs around here.

    When you say pubs, I'm thinking a whole different thing here with saying bars.
    Pubs, what I see in movies and music documentaries, are smaller and more relaxed,
    and the music is more locals playing cultural, or traditional music, on small stages or off to the side.
    The bars here were big, stages were huge, P.A.'s took up two or three table spaces on either side,
    and roadies were sitting at the back behind huge mixers, sometimes with a separate light man.
    The only thing I never saw was someone's girlfriend doing those jobs.
    And the music was almost industrial, the loud and expensive equipment, being a juke box onstage.
    I knew I was selling my emotion and energy to a crowd that was getting venal, or depraved, always wasted,
    but the love of my parents kept me straight, as well as playing music onstage.

    Back then, when these photos were taken, American Federation of Musicians minimum wage was $32 a night,
    when a steel factory minimum wage was about $120 a week take-home.
    Most gigs started at nine, playing half hour on, half hour off, until midnight, twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off,
    the last twenty minutes taking you to one o'clock. Having a Saturday matinee was the big difference.
    Getting paged at a big music store so I had to get back for a requested Friday matinee, was a biggie for me.
    Getting paid the maximum a bar would pay, even if our band had fewer members and less equipment, was always nice.

    I never felt, uh, artistic enough in any band I was in, to work on doing one of my songs.
    And no band ever wanted to do a Jimi Hendrix song, so we have opposite work experiences,
    seeing you as being musical, jazzy, putting yourself out there, not hiding behind rock star-dumb.
    Being in bands got me out of Welland, when criminals were liking me too much, another difference,
    but the most important for me.
    I still wonder how I could have lived in Toronto for two years, just playing guitar at night,
    without trying to put together a recording project or original band to play gigs.
    David Burke, a great keyboardist from Nova Scotia, became a good friend for almost two years.
    He was a non-smoker, non-drinker, and because I had my own car we bombed around a lot during the day,
    hanging around Elora and Kleinburg, artist communities, just tripping around different cities talking all the way.
    You could say we were musical brothers who liked to entertain without having to play musical instruments.
    We always had a good time, and never had any problems with girlfriends, what I saw in every band I was in.
    That was when managers and agents wouldn't sign bands if someone was married.
    We hung around a lot of jazz gigs, but we saw them as sit-down gigs, and we were dancers onstage.

    I'd use more photos from then, sorting things out since I've been staying in,
    but I'll save them for a thread about my inventive guitar.
    I've got to get working on that, and a TINKICKER song.

    I've seen New Zealand in a couple of movies this last couple of weeks,
    and that DVD about scenery around the world, hiking through lush forests in New Zealand,
    really made me feel like I was there, even if the ferns looked prehistoric.
    And let me just say, you should be glad you live in a world without monkeys.
    Here I am, in the Niagara Peninsula, between the bottoms of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario,
    maybe the heart of North America, and there were monkey warning signs around Fonthill.
    Yes, five monkeys escaped and were seen in the woods out there, never to be seen again.
    I even left banana peels around and visited the same places as rest stops, hoping to see,
    but no, nothing happened. Hey! I pet llamas, alpacas, emus, elk and see peacocks around here,
    to name a few, just to show what global travel can do.
    Yeah, cosmetic exotics, when the local animals and fish are all dying off.

    I was really sick, even feeling venal about my life and the people I loved, but I feel better now.
    Thinking you want me to visit and build a tree-house on your property for a long stay helps.
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    Nu Zeln
    Yes our pubs are generally small venues and the time I was talking about was the 50s+ hence the low wage rate it was the era of jazz so most of the audience appreciated our style of playing sometimes we had a musician in the audience who would come and jam with us and quite a few females that wanted to sing but only a small percentage could hold a tune in fact they would have been right at home with atonal music and even quarter notes as in Indian music funny that no men ever wanted to get up and sing.
    We never had agents or managers usually the leader would do that kind of stuff if needed.
    After living in Cities for the first part of my life I am now quite content to live in the sticks and with today’s technology the world is only a click away, even if you are taken sick beyond what our small hospital can manage a helicopter is never far away and you can be at a major hospital in under a couple of hours. Any way lunch awaits me, bye.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC! I've been away for over two months, being poisoned in food in my apartment, again.
    My doctor was very kind and inspiring, making me feel better right away, and the police are involved.
    That's all I'm going to type about that. I bought and installed my own deadbolt,
    and I'm not giving a key to anyone, having special permission.

    What you said about females getting up to sing as compared to no males got me going. I understand.
    Around here, it's rare to hear a male singer say he's a jazz singer, or see one on any stage.
    It was being into Stevie Wonder that got me singing smooth and using notes and rhythm,
    before I was singing hard rock, two very different forms of expression.
    My idea of getting jazzy in different gigs was using my hands to sing muted trumpet solos,
    instead of a lead guitar solo, or repeat a last verse and jazz up the vocals.
    So I'm seeing your comment from both sides of the mike.

    The Ontario hospital helicopter service is one of the biggest financial scandals our government endures.
    One helicopter crashed and lives were lost, and it was called a systemic failure.
    The bureaucrat hired to manage it was using government money to create investments in foreign countries.
    Wild money was being given away for salaries and performance bonuses, after serious failures.

    Being sick and staying in meant I only felt like making food for myself, and I got into cooking more than ever.
    What was big for me was the return of big cans of wild Pacific Sockeye salmon, and they were on sale.
    Yeah! Take some mashed potatoes, mix in lots of salmon, fry up some patties nice and orange and crispy,
    put on some HP sauce, have lots of nice sweet onion pickles, yeah, I sense your mouth watering already.

    And even if others suggest it's possible with me, I can't touch Q-Tips together inside my head. I tried.

    Is there any credible way for me to mention the Nuclear Organ for World Peace, and it's global effects?
    Uh, people in the Niagara Peninsula, Northern New York for some, are accepting the new American $3 bill.
    You know, the one with a smiling President George W. Bush in the big oval,
    with the Enron logo replacing the "In God We Trust" section.
    That all too common denomination is radiating over our border all the time.
    Put that in your pipe organ and... or roll up one of those bills and snort...
    no, no, tune my guitar by moving the frets like the ones on sitars,
    while I'm playing, pitching myself down into a black hole of radiated notes,
    a new way to keep them fresh during delivery and glowing as you pluck them off the fretboard.

    I've been asked to play and sing for a big outdoors community event,
    organized by a new wave of younger Wellanders who oppose the criminal presence in city hall.
    I'll be playing my electric guitar with a Fuzzface and Wah-wah outside a big flea market tomorrow,
    and if I had any decency I'd video some and put it up here.
    My white hair and beard is so long now I'm riffing off in public, saying I'm the off-season Santa,
    and I'm only good one day a year.
    And if you want red eyes to go along with a red nose,
    you should party with me and Rudolph.
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    Nu Zeln
    John good to hear from you again, our Helicopters are all‘sponsored plus donations’ the main one is by the “Westpac Bank” Even our Ambulance is run by St John from public donations. Our government is about to change our flag a recent poll showed approx 85% plus did not want a change?? being as the world seems to be runby the corporations perhaps a flag with just the words NZ Corp superimposed over a dollar sign would suffice. I could be living off Salmon for the next month as what remain of my top teeth are being pulled on Monday and I will be gummy for a month.
    How about posting a pic of the new clear organ?
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC! I'm getting a little gummy with you, losing a back molar last month.
    This is the best I can do, within the irradiated confines of my apartment.
    As you can see, this classic Roland electric piano from 1977, with MIDI,
    is trying to grow again, nice limbs and leaves,
    but the pathetic attempt by large cans of salmon to swim upkeys,
    no, you shouldn't have to see something like that.
    And yes, that is the general focus of my life, what the camera sees.
    I shouldn't have put all those salmon together in one cupboard.

    For over two years, there were no large cans of wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon,
    in all of Ontario, until before Christmas, on sale for $4.64.
    There were eight cans left when I was there last.

    If you get tired of room temperature salmon sandwiches,
    and the lovely patty recipe I mentioned earlier,
    you might want to try oven toasting some, a nice change.
    That's putting your salmon spread on one slice of bread,
    and cooking them toasty at 400 degrees.
    If you buy little blocks of frozen spinach,
    I recommend cutting some into little cubes when it's frozen,
    and mix that in with your salmon, a nice, deep toned flavor.

    N.A.S.A.  N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.-piano-jpg

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    Nu Zeln
    I hear on the news that Chernobyl is heating up again ? ya just gota love nuclear power eh.
    I once cooled some smoked Salmon down to -273 deg C and it turned into a left handed Piano
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC! I would like to make some thread overview comments, after all this time.
    All this time refers to all the time I've been offline and in my apartment,
    very sick after being poisoned with drug cocktails, twice in one week.
    I feel that I lost over three months of my life, and I'm just beginning to be energetic again.

    Getting into it with you, beginning with the nuclear organ for world peace,
    is my favorite thread, and the one I did the most with, for this year, that's for sure.
    But my own initiative as the nuclear organ promoter has faded along with everything else,
    and you know I'm not a classical musician or professional organist, or pianist,
    even if I've played some onstage and owned some.

    So I hope we can agree to let this thread fade into font arrears,
    as I look around and see where I can make a come-back here again.

    Chernobyl. Now they're saying over 3,000,000 died, and are still dying.
    Ontario Liberals want to build a new nuclear power plant to sell to Americans.
    It cost billions to stop building the one they were building in Toronto,
    so it can be moved and begun somewhere else, after local complaints.
    Not building nuclear plants still costs as much.

    A brand new, hard cover book by LIFE, 10 1/2" wide, 13 3/4" tall, 3/4" thick.
    "Wonders of the Deep, the astonishing splendor of the Seven Seas".
    $29.95 American cover price, $32.95 Canadian. Bought for $3 at Dollarama.
    Photos on every page, lots of double page photos.
    I'm looking through, hoping to find something New Zealand, but I'm seeing Papua New Guinea,
    lots of lionfish, turkeyfish and stone fish, very poisonous.
    Aaah! The elephant fish, nick-named the Australian ghost shark.
    According to elephant fish genome studies, we might be DNA related.

    If I was sitting down to play the nuclear organ for world peace,
    I'd hold down a nice C minor chord and see what notes build offa that.
    Pianos are left-handed instruments for me.
    My left hand plays the heaviest, deepest notes,
    is best for holding octaves and chords down,
    and is most durable for co-ordination and stamina.
    My right hand plays the melody and works off what the left is doing.

    That's why Mozart could sit under a piano and reach up to play it upside down.

    When I was passing through Niagara Falls during my last bike-hike,
    I saw an irradiated note floating along, an A#, drifting on it's own nuclear energy.
    It couldn't fade away, and follow all its' note friends, because it wasn't purely acoustic.
    It was a lonely note, no matter how far it rose above our atmosphere.
    It got cold out there, feeling satellite signals that passed by with no audio tones.
    Uh, say hi to Tesla for me.

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    Nu Zeln
    John I am so sorry that you have been under the weather, cocktails ???? you should never mix your drinks keep it straight man. Chernobyl oui oui and now the plant in Jap land would you believe they are thinking of trying nuke power again and on top of that they are increasing their armed forces despite all the promises after WW2.
    Fish - have you heard of a Horny Gobbler a Pome fish well it would have to be eh covered in lumps and warts ugh ugly little so and so.
    A# was always a lonely note not even B flat liked it.
    I don’t want a signature any more

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    JHC, if I typed about who I met in another city late one night,
    when these people don't come out in public, just a rumour all my life,
    you'd have to believe that the nuclear organ for world piece is mutating humans.
    I can't even begin to describe who I saw, and how they talked.
    How they talked dumb-founded me, almost unable to talk,
    and what they said was said so beautifully, so emotional, I got carried away.

    I hung around outside, continuing some encounters, and after everyone left,
    including the police supervisor and the two officers in cars,
    I went back in and said to the counter guy, a lot bigger than me,
    this must be a magic 7-11, I'm having a magical night.
    He just looked at me and said it does get to be a magic place, sometimes.

    I would think the Japanese are simply fulfilling post-war agreements,
    being allowed to build up their own military, even if it's going to be new inventions.
    Tasers were first invented in the U.S.A. as lock picks for electronic locks.
    Juicing them up to shock humans was a natural.
    I still see Americans as having remotes for the human brain.

    The horny gobbler fish sounds like some apples I was eating, along the lake.
    The tree was huge, and I wouldn't have looked up to see apples,
    if one branch wasn't broken and hitting the ground, huge, really huge.
    The apples were huge, still pulpy, and had big lumps and bumps on them.
    If they were cracked, they had orange lady bugs and bees stuck in them.

    The nuclear organ for world peace isn't located here, but the radiation contamination spreads.
    Now, you can't give an acoustic piano away, or an old home organ.
    The American festival organizers who got kicked out of Mosport,
    bought a lot of acres near Barrie so they won't get kicked out again.
    Protests, surrounding properties being bought to stop them, more properties sold,
    and the new live music venue, almost half a football field?
    When they had their first Friday night concert, the band quit.
    The next night, a tossed together band played, sounding alt-rock-blues,
    but only seven people came in the venue to sit up close, me being one.
    Everyone else stayed outside the venue with their beer.
    I talked to the lefty bassist and got backstage with the band,
    and if I could have played one of their guitars I could have got onstage,
    being asked, but no lefties.

    I'm restraining myself and not talking about what's happened the last few days.
    Part of that is having to go for the new job I have, hired for me muscle.
    Hey, you can still be friends with me, even if it's just for my muscle.
    Yeah, as always, John Watt

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    Nu Zeln
    My brother in law, a well-known speedway rider in the late 50s was called Mr Muscles poor bugger got run over by a Train.
    Muscles and Cockles are a great combination I present you with a fine performance from Sinead O’Connor, isn’t it always the simple songs that are the best

    We have so much spare money in NZ that we are spending $26 million on a new flag design whether we want it or not and hiring a Chinese Panda @ so many million dollars a year well that includes the Chinese man/woman that will feed it. And something that will be close to your heart a cycleway the length of NZ has been under construction now for 3,4 or 5 years cost a fortune and will not cost the cyclists a penny to use. Surprising how generous you can be with someone else’s money.

    One thing I always enjoyed in the jazz clubs was if a musician was recognised in the audience they would be invited on stage to play, I really miss those days and the people I played with, all I play now are my CDs

    People dumb talking yes indeedy teenagers seem to text talk even Radio and TV announcers murder the language…don’t sit under the Apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me da da dady da do waka do da
    I don’t want a signature any more

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Mon Monsieur JHC! I just posted a thread about a major book find, for me, in Classical Music.
    I also left you a personal message to take a look.

    I also bought two books about pioneer recipes, written in Ontario and Saskatchewan.
    Here's some local recipes for what looks like you being cockles and muscles hungry,
    and that must be cockles and muscles alive alive oh!
    Here's some recipe titles from the Niagara Peninsula section, with my comments.

    "We can grow anything here except tropical fruit".
    Jump-Fried Chicken with summer vegetables and Simcoe peanuts.
    You might see this as a Caribbean recipe, and it mostly is,
    lots of slaves escaping into Canada hundreds of years ago.

    Lamb Kebaba with Fresh Peach Mint Sauce
    Roast Pheasant with spiced sour cherry sauce
    They talk about Stokes seeds. The new owner dated a country singer I worked with,
    and went to New York to buy a $25,000 vocal harmonizer,
    the same kind as the Eagles were using at the time.

    Shorthill's trout baked with Riesling, red onion and thyme.
    Shorthill Park was one of my first bike-hike destinations, until I got to go further.
    Upside-down Hazelnut-Apricot Cake, I might try making this one.
    Niagara nut and maple squares, and I'm not the nut they're referring to.
    Wok-braised mushrooms and bok choy
    Braided Portugese sweetbread
    Blueberry and goat cheese phyllo parcels
    Buckwheat crepes with maple poached-apple filling
    Iroquois strawberry drink
    mini baked potatoes with whitefish caviar and creme fraiche
    spruce beer
    roast chicken breast with fresh basil and summer peach sauce
    old-fashioned cream corn with whiskey
    Faheem's foolproof basmati rice
    maple-pecan pie with maple-whiskey cream

    When I was in grades two and three,
    my parents sent away to New Zealand, interested in moving there.
    I've always had a soft spot for New Zealand, and what I cinema see is wonderful.
    Also, any kind of geography with no snakes.
    You saying there is a bike-hike path around the island makes it more inviting.

    A Welland day, standing outside the antique store where I work a little,
    getting paid to move items and help load trailers and storehouses.
    Down the street, in the social services high-rise apartment,
    a man was stabbed and thrown over a balcony, being killed.
    At the same time, around the corner, there was a fight and stabbing,
    at the local crack, maybe now the new drug house.
    The new drug causes open sores like picked blisters on your arms and face.
    At the same time, at a local bar, someone died after hitting his head,
    and whether it was a fight gone bad or he tripped, it's 50-50.
    Standing outside the antique store, where it's not illegal for others to be on the sidewalk,
    a man associated with murder and kidnapping and drug-overdosing me, holding me,
    visited twice to talk at me.
    A man, over 6'6", a former elected official, now city hall goon,
    someone who picked me up around my neck and shook me around before the last election,
    probably knowing my chiropractic problem from a previous attack, visited three times.
    I saw him sneaking up on me and he'd just stand up and walk away,
    the third time coming over to whisper sweat nuttin's in my ear.
    He's so deranged he's easy to ignore. He's not seeing it coming.

    The nuclear organ for world peace must be hitting the Krummhorn stop,
    if amidst all the horror and sickness, the sonatas of Beethoven come to me,
    with a side dish of local pioneer recipes.
    And I even finally found a sweet acorn tree, eating lots.
    Photos inside these books gave me the confidence to eat berries I ignored,
    and there were lots of them around during my last bike-hike.

    Si deve snonare tutto questo pezzo delicatissimamente e senza sordini,
    ciao for now.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Okay, okay, I might have just read through this entire thread,
    just to see what was going on in my own head, after the after-affects of my poisonings.
    I'm very grateful JHC helped me keep it going.

    Here's a photo of what I've been talking about, what means everything to me.

    "The traditional history and characteristic sketches of The Ojibway Nation,
    written by Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh, using the English name George Copway.
    Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh was Chief of the Ojibway,
    and is the first North American native to publish a book.
    I'll be visiting the Metis office of Ontario to present them with a copy,
    knowing they don't have one, as a gift during a meeting we will have.
    The Metis aren't happy with being called Metis, just like they got over being half-breeds.
    We hope to redefine Ontario society.
    That's my original copy, and another I ordered to use as a gift.
    You can see ordinary acorns, and you can see the bigger, sweet ones.
    Local natives used them to make flour.
    Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh wrote his book to awaken deeper feelings in non-native audiences.
    His book made me cry when I read about what the Niagara Peninsula was like,
    before the white man came.

    Those are the old cookbooks on top of a new find, a tartan blanket.
    Maybe I'll make a top-coat out of it.
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