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Thread: N.A.S.A. N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    What I'm describing as a new musical consciousness for humans, and requesting a new forum for it,
    can be found in both "Classical Music" and "Progressive Rock", the two categories I'm seeing as blending the most.
    My new forum request is titled "Symphonic-Electric", with "This is a request for a new forum" as a title.

    I'm seeing YouTube as aiding and abetting this new use of residential technology, self-made music videos,
    far more than any radiation from The Nuclear Organ For World Peace, thank our lucky stars.
    I know, in America, it's nuclear power plants that are generating most of the electricity used there,
    so there is no getting away from it, but let's take advantage of YouTubes' windows to the world while we can.
    Part of American online activity, the world wide web that is getting stickier all the time,
    is knowing that sooner or later it's going to crash and become pay as you go.
    You're already paying a lot for what is processed electricity, but you're going to have to pay more.
    Netflix is already there. When is Facebook going to go the video route and produce their own episodes?
    That's when advertising revenue, already falling, is going to make them pay to be a member.

    When it's technology motivating musicians, whether it's rock star electric guitars being used to play classical compositions,
    or people turning a camera on themselves as they play and sing originals to covers as they make a YouTube video,
    that's a far better thing than live bands being out there just for the sex and drugs and rock and roll.
    As I say at the end of those semi-lengthy postings, if you feel the way I do, you'll want to reply right away.
    Go ahead! Make my day, as nuclear waste from melt-downs and failed containment flows into oceans around the world.
    I may be trying to start a new forum, and it would be my favorite,
    but The Nuclear Organ For World Peace is still pumping away... and I'm starting to glow with new content.
    Geiger you later.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    This video is a tribute to JHC, a member here from New Zealand.
    It took a lot of slowing action here before he started getting into it with me,
    because he was an upright bass player into jazz and a true gentleman, unlike me.
    He helped me get this thread going when I decided to start posting somewhere I never did before,
    because I'm not an organist or classical musician, even if I can play and sound that way on electric guitar.

    This video shows how beautiful New Zealand is, just like the country property JHC has,
    and these men act with the same, low-key, relaxed attitude JHC always demonstrated.
    JHC hasn't done any postings here for a long time, so his disappearance is also a mystery.
    I'm going to keep following this discovery, and see if they find any beer bottles.
    That would be a clue.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Everything that's ever radiated out from speakers onstage and in studios in England and the United States,
    is now radiating throughout the world, echos of classic rock being heard in the most unexpected places,
    and that's unexpected in the sense that who expected to hear a Deep Purple song being played by street musicians,
    using portable amplifiers. Deep Purple was adult music and they wouldn't have been played on AM radio,
    until FM came along. Playing on the street is a street, or family crowd, and that wouldn't be Deep Purple.
    These guys from Santiago Chile are very very good, at least for playing a Deep Purple song.
    And they pull it off with just a guitar, no keyboard, when it's a heavy keyboard song.
    I feel a little sorry for these guys, working so hard, going against their cultural upbringing,
    because playing a Deep Purple song isn't really going to get them anywhere.
    Look at them, just like every other street musician, playing for free until you give them a tip.
    If they were doing anything original, there might be some interest from a club or studio.
    I'm saying if they used some of their authentic musical background, giving it a foreign flavor,
    it could only attract more interest. They're seeing themselves up there on YouTube with Deep Purple,
    but that's all they're doing is seeing.
    I'm wondering who rode his bike to the gig. We have a lot in common, even if it's very old for me.
    Why? Because I'm an old man! Huh! Did I say I saw Deep Purple in 1970? 1970? You hear me sonny?
    Oh yeah! Why do I like these guys? I'm doing the same thing,
    strolling around with a beater Strat and a portable BOSS amp strapped over my shoulder,
    but I'm not playing Deep Purple unless I get a request, and yes, I've been doing Smoke on the Water,
    even if it's too easy to update the lyrics to be smoking more than classical rock smoke.
    And when I say I'm looking for shade, that's old school, not trying to shade you or anyone else.
    When fretting fingers get too fretful, it's too easy to fall into a picky picky trap.
    I might put a small rod and reel on my outdoors guitar and fish off the Main Street Bridge while I play.
    That would give me a new line to riff off about.

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