Terra Guitarra is one of the most consistent and enjoyable double-guitar Latin instrumental bands in the world. There are numerous reasons, but some of the main ones are that they write catchy melodies, lead guitarist Bruce Hecksel is always innovative with his solos, and each tune is thoroughly audience-tested because Terra Guitarra performs more than 200 shows each year. Their new album, FIRELIGHT, is simply great music!

You can tell by their tune titles that the group takes inspiration from Latin countries (“Maya,” “Sonando,” “Malaguena,” “Sierra”), either France or Canada (“Coucher du Soleil”), and the heart of America (“Heartland”). Some of their other titles are intriguing -- “Cloud Bird” (that title sounds like it could be Native American influenced), “Sunshower” (an oxymoron for sure), and “Summerdance” (I can almost see the moths hitting the lights, the fireflies in the dark, the sweaty smiles, the spiked lemonade between dances).

This music is full of passion, deep feelings and salt-of-the-earth senses. Listen and you shall feel the pull.