Harvey Bainbridge and my Viper on Spaceseed's new CD! - June 14, 2006

SPACESEED are proud to announce the release of their new disc" The Empire Of Night." on the Zeta Reticuli label. This disc is the first in the group's ongoing partnership with longtime Hawkwind member Harvey Bainbridge.

SPACSEED will appear on the legendary Nocturnal Transmissions Radio show hosted by The East Coasts progressive madman Doctor Cosmo:


The broadcast is Friday July 14 @ 10 PM, EST. It is aired by
W.P.R.B. 103.3 FM Princeton New Jersey and can be streamed @


The show will feature the group performing live and
discussing their work (past and future) with space rock legends Harvey Bainbridge and Nik Turner, as well as there new Zeta Reticuli release " The Empire Of Night".

The following evening the group will headline The Space Rock BBQ in Landsdale Pennsylvania. The event is hosted by The Scattered Planets.


This fall the group, joined by Harvey, will do a tour of the East and Mid West.