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Thread: ReaGente 6 "LIVE!" with David Jackson (VDGG) and many others! New album!

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    ReaGente 6 "LIVE!" with David Jackson (VDGG) and many others! New album!

    Hi guys,
    I found this interesting italian band, ReaGente 6, with international musicians including the legendary David Jackson (Vdgg) and Amit Chatterjee (Zawinul Syndicate)!
    I bought their first album "LIVE!"... IS TERRIFIC!

    REAGENTE 6 pursues an exciting journey through Western, Eastern, African and Mediterranean sounds. It is a kaleidoscope of rhythms, colours and timbres: a mixture of pop, jazz, ethno-world atmospheres, funk and electronic music. This fantastic journey was also made possible thanks to the contribution of great guest performers from cultural areas very different from each other, including Amit Chatterjee from India, a renowned guitarist, vocalist who had performed for eleven years with Joe Zawinul, the famous Weather Report’s founder, as well as with the legendary saxophonist David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator). A journey not to be missed!

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    Hello FJR and welcome to the forum. Interesting and enjoyable music, thank you

    Pining for the South of France

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    many thanks teddy!

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