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Thread: BWV 232 Johann Sebastian Bach's "B minor Mass"

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    BWV 232 Johann Sebastian Bach's "B minor Mass"

    Dear friends:
    Does anyone know of any recorded performances of Bach's "B minor mass" BWV 232 where the treble voices are all boys' not womens'? Thanks.

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    Not sure if you include the soloists, but this may be close to what you want, you can listen or download (its a free download in MP3), or you can buy the CDs, (sort of try before you buy)

    Maria Stader, Soprano / Sieglinde Wagner, Alto
    Ernst Haefliger, Tenor / Theo Adam, Bass
    Dresdner Kreuzchor / Staatskapelle Dresden
    Conductor: Rudolf Mauersberger

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    Cheers MIKE.

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