There is a new album by new age music singer and songwriter KATHY SANBORN. Titled LIGHTS OF LANIAKEA (pronounced lahn-e-ah-key-ah), the recording is soft, gentle, new age music but with a world-fusion under-current and rhythm-base arranged by Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej.

The new age lyrics are about spiritual light and the light from stars throughout the universe. “Laniakea” means “Immeasurable Heaven” in Polynesian, and is the name given by Hawaiian scientists to a new supercluster of galaxies they discovered.

Kathy appropriately kicks off with “Star Catcher” and “Follow The Light” and later marches out tunes such as “Immeasurable Sky” and “The Stuff of Stars,” all in keeping with the light from faraway galaxies concept. She also tosses in some music about love (“Soul Dancing”) and children being the light of our lives (“Little Candle”) and looks to the future with “Seeds of Hope.” The music features a mix of American (like trumpet and keyboards) blended with musicians from India playing sitar and santoor and percussion from that continent. Somehow it all works to create one of the top new age (and world) vocal albums of the year.