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Thread: Help identify piece in Anthony Newman doc

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    Help identify piece in Anthony Newman doc

    The piece starts at 2 m 15 sec, included in the link...

    I am guessing Bach, but I can not pin point which piece it is. I would love to learn this one! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Watching this again.. curious if anyone knows the one at 2 m 48 s too.. Thanks again.

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    The latter one is Franck's Chorale in A Minor. The 1st one sounds like Händel to me, rather than Bach.
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    You get a reply eventually, if you hang around long enough.

    The 2m 15s piece is the fast (middle) movement of the Mozart Organ Fantasia K594....tricky to play.

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    Well worth the wait! Mozart on organ is really wonderful. I knew about this piece too, for some reason I didn't connect the dots. Love the moving thirds here. Gonna have to attempt this one. Just finished learning the Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik which is fun but much easier than this. Much thanks MusingMuso!

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