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Thread: Help!!!! with the count of pipe ranks

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    Help!!!! with the count of pipe ranks

    Dear Friends!
    I am playing this beautiful organ in a catholic church in New Orleans. Finally, they decided to insure the instrument. The appraiser is asking about the ranks of pipes and I have no idea how to count them. CAn you please explain me how to do it?

    This is the list of stops they have:

    Diapason 8 Rohr Flote 8 Nacht Horn 8 Diapason 16
    Harmonic Flute 8 Viol Celeste 8 Unda Maris 8 Bourdon 16
    Gemshorn 8 Viol de Gambe 8 Dulciana 8 Rohr Bourdon 16
    Octave 4 Principal 4 Koppel Flote 4 Octave 8
    Octave Quint 2-2/3 Flute Ouverte 4 Nazard 2-2/3 Bourdon 8
    Super Octave 2 Cymbel III Rks Block Flote 2 Rohr Flote 8
    Great 16 Trompette 8 Oboe 8 Super Octave 4
    Great 4 Clarion 4 Tremulant Bourdon 4
    Great Unison Tremulant Choir 16
    Swell 16 Choir 4
    Swell 4 Choir Unison
    Swell Unison
    COUPLERS (Back Rail)
    Great To Pedal
    Great to Pedal 4
    Swell to Pedal
    Swell to Pedal 4
    Choir to Pedal
    Choir to Pedal 4
    Swell to Great 16
    Swell to Great
    Swell to Great 4
    Choir to Great 16
    Choir to Great
    Choir to Great 4
    Swell to Choir 16
    Swell to Choir
    Swell to Choir 4

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!!

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    Each stop is a rank of pipes, except the Cymbel III Rks = three ranks. There seem to be 29 stops, of which one has three ranks, making a total of 31 ranks of pipes.
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    Here in the US, the current price for new pipes is anywhere between $12,000 and $40,000 per rank, reed ranks are always on the high end.

    We have our church II/9 Möller insured for $260,000. It would cost pretty close to that figure to replicate it today. We originally paid about $33,000 for it in 1979.

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