Found this site, I was originally looking for free scores, but then left out free on one search and this came up, I've ordered the Stanley opus 2 concertos as the IMSLP score I downloaded looks like a photocopy of a hand written and Smartscore is throwing up too many errors as a result, it works on printed scores but doesn't cope with hand written ones.

As well as Stanley there are quite a few of the lesser known English composers of the period, Walond, Heron, Roseingrave, Boyce, Nares, Thorley, Keeble, Russell, Greene, Alcock, Marsh, Felton, Camidge, Battishill, also a few volumes of French and German composers and a few Tudor and some early C19th.

Most books are around £10 -£15, although all 30 of Stanley's voluntaries are £25, against individual books of each opus, (5,6 &7) are £10.

Each catalogue entry has a sample page view and a MIDI or MP3 sound sample.

I suspect a few wallets will cringe!