XIII. Summer edition – SILVER VOICE
June 30 – July 10. 2016
Prague & České Budejovice, Czech Republic
Venice-Verona-Rimini, Italy
International Youth Forum is a member of international organizations:
The purpose of World of Youth Choral Championship for Children and Youth is to detect and support gifted children and youth, to introduce young musicians to the spiritual heritage and world singing culture by means of the choral singing art. The Championship sets up conditions for creative communication and cooperation of children and youth choral collectives from all of the world.

Participation in the Championship must facilitate preservation and development of choral singing traditions and help both participants and leaders of choruses in their creative growth, communication, increase of professional skills. In the process of the Championship, participants will have the possibilities to establish new creative contacts with each other, as well as with prominent workers of the singing art.
Opening of new names and talents in children and youth choral singing;
Making of creative atmosphere for communication of the Championship participants, establishing and strengthening of friendly relations with choruses from different countries, stirring up cultural exchange;
Popularization of choral art and positive motivation of singing in a chorus;
Increase of professional level of leaders (master classes, round table for leaders and meetings with jury members);
Development of tolerance of youth, adequate understanding of other cultures, methods of self-expression and manifestation of human individuality;
Joint performances and creative meetings of choral collectives from different countries of the world for exchange of experience and repertoire;
Engaging of musical producers and managers in organization of the following touring and concert activity of the Championship participants;
Engaging of recording studios and radio stations in providing possibility for the best collectives to record their disk (or separate compositions on a combined disk) for the following playback in radio broadcasts;
choral collectives from all over the world
the age of participants shall be 6 to 35 years old (inclusive).
the number of singers in the chorus: at least 10 people, no maximum limit;
choirs are eligible to join the championship either as non-competitive choirs participating in all the performances of the event, or as competitive choirs.
2.1.Main events
Competition in different categories;
Opening ceremony with concert of the participants;
Series of master - classes of maestros from foreign countries.
Conference ;
Teachers club ( creative meetings )
Entertainment for children, meetings with foreign groups, parties, sight- sing of the historical places in the different cities of Czech Republic and Italy
Awarding ceremony and gala concert.
International youth forum
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