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Thread: New member? please introduce yourself :-) [Read Me]

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    New member? please introduce yourself :-) [Read Me]

    Welcome to Magle International Music Forums! This is the "Introduce Yourself" forum...

    As the name says this is the place where you can introduce yourself. Make a new post and feel free to tell as much or little about yourself as you like or just say hi to the other members (If you are not yet a member, you can click here to become one. It only takes a few minutes and is 100% free)

    Notes about advertising/promoting your own website, etc.:

    • In your introduction you are allowed to post a few links that leads directly to downloads/examples of your own music or other artistic creations, or one link to your personal and non-commercial homepage. This must be done in addition to your personal introduction - your post must not have the "feel" of being an advertisement. Also, you may not link to any site with a music forum (or other type of forum, but with a music section that can be perceived as competing with this forum in any way) without obtaining prior permission.
    • Please do not ask for reviews in your introduction - that belongs in the designated "Reviews Forum" (see below)
    • Do not use the introduction to promote a commercial product (e.g. a CD etc.).
    • If you wish to promote or ask for reviews of your own music or personal homepage, please do so in the Music & Web Site Reviews Forum.
    • If you wish to promote/advertise anyone else's music, concerts, websites, etc - or your own commercial products, please do so in the Members' Music Announcements Forum
    • The Administrators and regulators have the full rights to move or delete your post or parts of it.

    Best Regards
    Frederik Magle

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