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Thread: mixing several pipes from different samples set in a new one

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    mixing several pipes from different samples set in a new one

    Hi all,

    I will retire next year and have a projekt to build a (at leat) 3 manual Hauptwerk / GrandOrgue home organ (without pedalboard in the first time)

    I've plenty of free sample sets but would have to pick up samples from one set, some others from another and put them all in a new one.

    questions are :
    - can it be done ?
    - easily (I prefer)
    - is there an existing program / application who can do it
    - is it possible to mix 16bits with 24bits samples in the same sample sets

    - other remarks (like forget it ... ) are also welcome


    NB: sorry if some spelling or language mistakes

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    Yes it can and has been done, I took an existing sample set and removed some ranks and added others. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of writing ODFs.

    I have also used samples of other instruments example Harpsichord, flute and string instruments for works like trio sonatas.
    Cheers MIKE.

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    Thanks Mike, it's the answer I hoped not to received, and it's exactly what I wanna do with my samples
    Where can I find this good tutorial to practice or explanations on how to


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    There are some programs, OrganBuilder is one I think, that writes the ODF for you. I haven't used them but maybe it's what you are looking for.

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    thanks to all of you, I will give a try to organbuilder and also two other programs, Basilica and MYCO 2016

    Results comes in a few weeks

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