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Thread: How to find newly released music?

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    Question How to find newly released music?

    How can we find the latest music. Such as latest songs of different languages? Even if we don't know the specific singer or track name.

    If you've solutions like search in google or similar to that, then this thread is not for you.

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    Have you tried any streaming radio stations like Pandora or others?

    There is a fairly complete list of 2016 Albums to be released this year on Wikipedia.

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    "Internet radio stations" like Pandora is one option. I put it in quotes because it's not actually radio, it is not broadcast through the air via radio waves.

    Another option is real radio, actual free-to-air radio. But you have to search around, and you will quite likely find yourself listening to real-time streaming or delayed podcasts from a station that's way outside your reception area.

    After largely giving up on conventional free-to-air a few years ago, I have found myself returning to it - but in a very selective way. All over the globe there are community radio stations, often staffed by volunteers and largely funded through donations and grants rather than advertising; the programs are actually presented by real people, with their own musical knowledge abd background, they are not syndicated. For example here in Perth we have RTR-fm Artists I have discovered via this station include Linda Perhacs, Ned Collette, Knievel, and Absent Hearts. Never heard of them? Neither had I, until I heard them on this station.

    As you'll see by looking at their list of shows, there is a wide variety of styles presented, and probably at least half the shows will feature stuff that you are not interested in. But isn't that how it should be? Radio is supposed to be a bit hit-or-miss, that's the point, that's how you discover new stuff you would never have encountered if you had just stuck to the safe option and listened only to some internet station that is supposed to fit your personal listening profile. You get to know which presenters have tastes that overlap your own. there are certain programs where I try to catch every episode, either real-time or on podcast. Sometimes I may only like one song in three, but I can handle that. If I want to listen to some music and be sure that I will like every track, i have lots of my own CDs that i can listen to - but if I want to discover new music, if I want to be surprised, I have to take a few risks. I call it "finding the diamonds in the dungheap."

    Have a look around. I've given one example of a good free-to-air station; there are sure to be others more local to you. And I know you said not to mention Google, but that might be a way to get started. Not using it to search for particular songs, particular artists or lists of new releases, but using it to search for radio stations where you can actually hear those releases, presented by real people rather than by some computer algorithm.
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