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Thread: Jazz improv tutorials (medium level)

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    Jazz improv tutorials (medium level)

    Hi all,

    I’ve made a couple of on line things for any interested players looking to work on their improv.

    One is a youtube clip aimed at the medium level player. It focuses on the min II V I progression. I give my thoughts and a few licks with backing tracks. You can find it at . Love to get some comments, especially who’s viewing it and where you are (location and playing wise).

    The second is an online page that I intend making regular. It’s called “Jazz Lick of The Week”. Looks like many have tried but not kept it up. I’m a stayer so I’ll give it my best! It will include lines/commentary and tracks to play to. I also intend having input from other jazz players (of more repute than myself!). This edition #1 is also on the min II V I (but a bit different to youtube). Works toward Autumn Leaves, with the remaining chords coming up in Jazz Lick of the Week #2). Find it here

    Hope you like it,


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    sounds like a great idea I will have a look

    Pining for the South of France

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