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Thread: 10 Biggest Classical Music Celebrities of the Last 50 Years (Composers/Performers)

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    10 Biggest Classical Music Celebrities of the Last 50 Years (Composers/Performers)

    Just finding out about John Ogdon, who I didn't know anything about. He could be called one of the top ten classical music celebrities of the last 50 years, if you make a distinction between performer and composer. Leonard Bernstein would be another even though he's a composer also. Someone might argue Stockhausen would be a more important contributor than Ogdon, but not as famous to as many people. I am wondering who are the most famous classical performers, but another interesting list would be who are the ten most famous classical composers of the last 50 years. So, two lists are interesting, the ten most well known classical performers (Sills, Pavarotti, etc.) and most well known composers (Bernstein, Glass, etc.).

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    I would be hard pressed to make a list of the best performers as I can no longer go to concerts and I know there are many fine young artists but I will work on it, a list of composers up to the age of 50 (if this is what you mean) would be easier, I just can't think of one
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