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Thread: Like A Rainbow In The Sunshine, The Music Of Nancy Shoop-Wu Will Make You Smile

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    Like A Rainbow In The Sunshine, The Music Of Nancy Shoop-Wu Will Make You Smile

    It is always a pleasure to hear a musician play an instrument usually found in an orchestra playing classical music, but switch it up and add personal creativity to their playing and also tackle their own compositions instead of notes written on the page hundreds of years ago. Such is the case with violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu because she has spent most of her life studying classical music and playing with four or five top, big-city, symphony orchestras. But now she has composed material and recorded her own album, Rainbow Road, that shows she is much more creative than many classical players who are trained to play someone else’s notes with feeling, but not to add or subtract anything from the score. Not all of them can make the transition to improvisation or independent composition.

    The music on the album features her violin for the most part, but every tune also has Derek Nakamoto on piano (best-known in jazz circles for working as an arranger with Keiko Matsui the past 30 years), plus quiet-and-gentle slack-key acoustic guitars in the background. Several tunes also include acoustic bass and drums. In addition, Nancy sings on one song. She is an excellent composer with beautiful violin playing. She lives in Hawaii, a lovely place that she says she uses as her inspiration for the music (seven of the 12 tracks have Hawaiian words in their titles).

    Call it new age music or contemporary-classical or modern Hawaiian instrumental, this is absolutely gorgeous music. So if you like first-rate violin playing with a few other supporting instruments, you will really like this CD. Or go the downloads route on-line. Either way, this music will brighten your day like a ray of sunlight through the clouds or a rainbow after a refreshing rain-shower.

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    Lillian! You have such a nice name! I also makes me think of the lilacs.

    As a Canadian living near Niagara Falls, I first saw Nancy Shoop-Wu as Chinese or Japanese,
    and wondered about your "slack-key" comment, until I saw Hawaii.
    When I first saw her now on You Tube, she surprised me again, a blonde, white woman.

    I walk around outside with my guitar too, playing away.
    She plays, uh, it safe, staying on the paved path and road.

    If I can say one thing about your remarks, it's about "notes written on the page".
    I gave up reading and writing when I was twenty, just wanting to play and sing.
    Maybe when I was younger, I would justify my gigs in six-nighter bar bands,
    and living in Toronto a few times, as being memorized, or part of my sound,
    as not needing a sheet of paper with the notes and chords written on it,
    uh, unless it was mine, showing it to someone else.

    You're not coming down heavy on note readers, and now, I don't either.
    Music can only mean what it means to the person who is listening,
    and sheet music is better than drugs to have a reason to play.
    I have to say that. I live in North America.
    And as far as any appearance I might have, I'm not worried about underarm flab either.
    This video is so nice to see, walking around outside in Hawaii.
    I still think she needs some following, trailing, echoing and harmonizing lead guitar,
    as the second violin,
    with me.
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