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Thread: Technical Exercises for Guitarists

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    Post Technical Exercises for Guitarists

    The Pentatonic Domain - The widest range of pentatonic exercises for all guitarists

    <a href="">

    The Domain of elementary guitar arpeggios - Many exercises and examples

    <a href="">

    To be continued...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    Those look like Schaeller guitar tuners, what I've been using since 1972.
    And I started with a Strat neck, making my own left-handed bodies.

    Is this a video that you made all the way, making this visual?
    I'm starting to fantasize what the fret markers on the side of the neck look like.
    I'd like to install two string retainers, and I'll paint them, uh, soft arctic white.
    That fretboard does look like the flat, icy arctic,
    and maybe I'll trying drilling for G, and go for an A and B.

    Let's see more of this guitar.
    Thanks for your comments John

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