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Thread: Renaissance Music & dance.

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    Renaissance Music & dance.

    canario de J.H. Kapsberger

    So Beautiful!
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    Watching these dancers, and listening to the music sometimes,
    reminded me of a book I just bought, and the cover almost made me not look.
    It's full of what I'm seeing as pre-electricity human activities,
    with lots of different artworks, photos and reprints of old books.

    I picked some that have costumes and dance, almost looking the same.

    What a way to live, wearing artistic clothes, singing and dancing,
    in a healthy environment.
    As I watched the dancers, I was thinking what a great thrill it would be,
    looking at my partner's face, looking into her eyes, what they were doing,
    watching each other, almost all the time.
    Towards the three minute mark, when they were both doing staccato steps,
    facing each other, and then twirling away silently, was a very moving moment.

    Fortunately, no skirlin'a the kilts was involved.

    Renaissance Music & dance.-book1-jpgRenaissance Music & dance.-book2-jpgRenaissance Music & dance.-book3-jpgRenaissance Music & dance.-book4-jpgRenaissance Music & dance.-book5-jpgRenaissance Music & dance.-book6-jpg

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    Looking pretty strange, but lovely in the same time)
    Here is something of a kind I think:

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