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Thread: The Italian Job soundtrack, what version?

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    The Italian Job soundtrack, what version?

    Hi, at the end of the Italian job 'The self preservation society' starts to play but it's different to any version I can find on YouTube.

    You can hear it at the end, I cannot find this version anywhere.

    Does anyone know? Thank you.

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    There were two (2) film versions of this title:

    1) The Italian Job (1969); and 2) The Italian Job (2003).

    The 1969 version Soundtrack list can be viewed here.

    The 2003 version Soundtrack list can be viewed here

    Bear in mind that not every song heard in a film makes it to the 'soundtrack'. There are a variety of reasons one being copyright and/or musician royalties (prohibitive costs to the producers of the movies).

    If the song you are hearing is not listed on either of those two soundtrack listings, then is simply does not exist in print or recorded format, other than in the movie itself.

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    Thank you both for your comments, it's appreciated!
    As for the Stratocaster thing, I can't really comment, the strat I own is a copy and I know very little about them. I just thought 'TheStratman' sounded cool!
    They look nice though!

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