Not too many people outside of Europe heard Kerani’s first two albums (WINGS OF COMFORT and THE JOURNEY). But this keyboardist from the Netherlands launched international marketing campaigns for her next two, ARCTIC SUNRISE and EQUILIBRIUM, and those got her noticed around the world with airplay on hundreds upon hundreds of radio stations and channels, and awards and high chart numbers too. So in the new age and modern-classical music communities’ expectations have been running high awaiting her next venture. Now here it is, STARDUST, her tribute to all of the space in the universe, the known and the unknown, all of humankind’s attempts to date to penetrate the vastness of the cosmos, and our own Earth’s tiny fly-speck place in the hugeness of it all.

Yes, STARDUST was worth the wait. Yes, this is great music. Yes, this recording fulfills the promise that came from its predecessors. Yes, this is a satisfying recording with everything that we have come to expect from Kerani including solid melodic content, tasty piano parts, and especially the way she arranges real musicians adding everything from strings to horns, guitars to bass, percussion to drums, plus orchestras and vocal ensembles. It’s a rich, textured, nuanced, multi-layered album that works on your emotions and imagination while you let the music carry you along on this adventure.

Little things will get you like the majestic tympani rumbling underneath the otherwise soft “Worlds Unknown,” or the jungle drums on “Gravity,” or the chimes and pulsing synth on “Perpetuum Mobile,” or the dramatic piano on “The Next Step.” Now we can enjoy this while we wait for Kerani’s next step.