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    my name is Mike. I don't have much of a background in music, though I do have a good ear at tuning instruments. I played flute in high school but didn't keep going after graduation. After ten years of playing nothing I given an alto saxophone and a 12 string acoustic guitar; neither of which I yet know how to play.

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    Welcome to the forum . Maybe find a teacher for best outcome with your new instruments to conquer. We all had to start from scratch at one time.
    ....To play only what is written is the domain of science. To realize what is not written is the domain of art."
    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Welcome to the forum, Mike ...

    As Bill stated above we all started out the same way. Through years of practice we've arrived in our chosen musical careers in life.

    Love the alto sax ... my son has a Kielwerth I got him during his high school days. He's 30 now and I keep hoping that he will take it up again.

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