Hi so I'm new to this community and just metal forums/reddit in general. I have always been into Rock & Metal since a kid and recently I found out that you could import you itunes library into spotify which then started me on a path of interacting with more metal heads!

The playlist features just Rock & Metal music that I enjoy. Playlist is always growing & ranging from oldschool to new school.

New bands and new albums for bands already in the playlist will be updated regually. I am constatnly looking for new bands and have a list of over 200 I will be downloading. Each and every song has been listened to and they have been approved by me. Also the 1 personal taste is that 99% of songs will have clean vocals of some sort (basically no Death Metal)

Genres will probably be 1 of the following:
Rock/Metal/MetalCore/Acoustic/Industrial/Rap Rock/MelodicMetal/NuMetal/Indi/Punk/Hardcore/Screamo/Electrocore/J-Metal/Alternative/Remixs

So follow if you like the taste and enjoy constant new music being added