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Thread: New Zealand 60, Canada 1, the final score

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    More statistics from the disUnited States are making the news.
    The stock markets in New York have had the biggest drop since the Great Depression,
    what is optimistically being called a proper correction, bursting an artificial real estate bubble.
    The Great Depression, which happened very quickly, was only done by people using pens and paper.
    Being able to computer will allow a more gradual manipulation and gradation of financial output,
    so one drop that's almost as big really means nothing, when following drops all add up.

    In Syria, American news displaying this kind of action for the first time,
    it's said that the latest American bombardment against Syrian forces supported by Russia,
    have killed Russian personnel, when America and Russia have an agreement to avoid that.
    Some commentators are saying that's a prelude to America stepping on Russian toes,
    when they attack North Korea.
    And North Korea is really starting to get to the American public.
    The totally out there, famously flaming gay American skating star,
    refused to meet or take a Tweet from the visiting American Vice-President.
    The skater referenced the Vice-Presidents' support of an organization,
    that advocates medical cures and surgery to cure homosexuality.
    When the entire stadium rose to salute and applaud the North Korean athletes,
    the Vice-President was the only person to remain seated.
    It's a good thing he wasn't doing that during an NFL football game,
    or President Donald Trump wouldn't have liked that.

    What do you call a soldier who's been exposed to mustard gas and pepper spray.
    A well-seasoned veteran.

    I'd like to share some Gaelic, and you can say Scottish, Proper English.
    Birds go tweet tweet. We all know that. They don't re-tweet.
    When English people during the Victorian Era, also known as the Opium Era,
    held up a hand in front of their mouths to make derogatory noises,
    that was called tittering.
    If you were doing that behind someone's back, or coming from behind a bush,
    that was called twittering, half-way between titter and tweet.

    This is inspiring a song lyric update.
    "Don't she tweet, as she's scrolling down the street,
    as I ask you very confidentially, don't she tweet.
    She re-tweets, with a device that's wireless,
    as I find her IP user address, she re-tweets".

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    More horror from America, this time Florida, is making the news.
    17 people were killed in the latest schoolyard serial killing.
    As the article in the Toronto Star noted,
    it's not even half-way through February, and this is serial killing number 18.

    In piano related events,
    it has always been a local myth that big turtles would swim to an inland pond,
    that locals describe as being kind of an inland sea, depending on the tide.
    A leatherback turtle, if I remember, weighing over 365 kilograms,
    was found dead onshore, said to look emaciated.
    They think he followed some jellyfish, his favorite food, and couldn't find his way back out.
    This turtle was said to be the size of a piano.

    There was no report if any fishing lines or net strands were taut enough to be tune-able.
    Some people think these turtles can live to be 500 or 700 years old.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    More extreme statistics are freezing up more than weak computer systems.
    The northernmost weather station in the world, Cape Morris Jessup, on the northern tip of Greenland,
    has, for the first time, reported more than 24 hours above freezing, 25C above normal.
    This was reported by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

    And just because I like living my life in stereo, coming at you from both sides,
    in Itqlaguik, in northern Alaska, previously known as Barrow,
    they recorded a high of -1C, 22C above normal.
    The decline of sea ice that allows the transporting of warmer southern heat is responsible.
    David Thoreson, arctic photographer, was quoted as saying,
    "It's amazing to watch this unfold. This is the first time I've been out in a boat this time of year".

    What is being described as a new social phenomena in the disUnited States,
    students becoming activists who call themselves "the serial killer generation",
    has spread through many states, students lying down as the dead in protest.
    This has created responses from different levels of government,
    and President Donald Trump was motivated enough to say that schools need more guns.
    He said "when bad people have guns, good people should have guns too".
    He wants to see teachers with guns and former military with guns as security.

    Almost every article mentions the concerns of everyone from citizens to legislators,
    who say people should not be able to shop at stores to buy weapons of war,
    when the only requirement is having the cash to purchase them.

    I just saw a movie titled "24 Hours" starring Ben Affleck.
    It showed ex-American military working in Africa for a "contracting" corporation,
    sending assassins for hire around the world, showing many military protocols and payments.
    After being killed by the security of an intended victim,
    Ben Affleck is brought back to life by a bizarre medical treatment,
    so he can be questioned about what he knew before he was killed.
    He was told what he remembered was useful, and that now he had just 24 hours to live.
    As he escapes to make the last day of his life meaningful,
    to find the co-worker who killed his wife and child, and who now is going for his grandfather,
    he discovers his victim was an informant who wanted to tell Interpol about disappearing Africans.
    Hundreds of people disappeared, and were being used for medical experiments that are crimes against humanity.
    Mass graves were dug with bodies napalmed to hide any surgical procedures.
    At the end of the movie, it said this was based on a true story.

    In Los Angeles and other major cities in California,
    law enforcement now say they have extended the window for reviving dead people.
    This means the former time of applying revival methods at thirty minutes or less,
    has now become forty-five minutes or less.
    I remind you this is institutional information for taxpayers as publicized by those in authority.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    As far as the recent Korean Olympics goes,
    this is the most medal counts for Canada at any winter games.
    I'm seeing the North Korean involvement as generating the most and most positive news,
    with the equipment failure that resulted in a French skating duo skating with an exposed breast,
    being second for world interest.
    However, despite the global viewings and controversy and deletions and media back-tracking,
    no American news source described this as being like the French symbol for liberty, truth and justice.
    That's a woman charging forward like a sword carrying warrior with one breast bared.
    As for riffing off a traditional Francais rhyme...
    my dancers danced at both ends, and gave off a wondrous sight,
    but oh my friends, and oh my foes, against an empire we all must fight.

    Bruce Cockburn, You Tube, "If I had a rocket launcher".
    For South America.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    England, and as they like to include themselves as, Britain,
    is undergoing record-breaking snow-storms and cold temperatures,
    and being cold is so English and British.
    Major industries are being asked to shut down so residential gas consumers can stay warm.
    If this sounds like a modern version of war-time rationing,
    you can say there's a bit of the Dark Ages coming back to compliment this in a southern way.
    Measles, and the number of people dying from measles, is setting new modern records.
    The highest percentage of people dying, eighteen at the beginning, are in Romania,
    but Italy is the worst, 88% of all Italians now having measles.

    Health news from America is also changing, setting a new presidential record.
    President Donald Trump, as they say, is just one pound away from being declared officially obese.
    As if. He's so vain he'd probably get the White House doctor disappeared before he'd admit that.
    They say he's taken medical advice seriously, not eating his usual meals.
    That's two Big Macs, two fillet of fish burgers and a big chocolate milkshake.

    The one person he always led around on his arm to make him look good,
    having a choice of wife,
    is now having her American citizenship questioned as the former foreign model she was.
    President Donald Trump is always criticizing foreigner who become American citizens,
    for using that to bring their families in to become American citizens, calling that "chain migration".
    Now White House employees are saying his wife is doing that to bring in her mother and father.
    President Donald Trumps' one cousin, who has White House clearance and national security protocols,
    is now having all that taken away, because of his foreign financial involvements with "hostile countries".

    If you can say one thing about all this new political fat in the President Donald Trump White House,
    it's costing Americans more by the pound than what the English pay to keep their country on the ground.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    There was a precedent setting event in Hamilton, Ontario, two days ago.
    Hamilton is a one hour drive up from the American border at Niagara Falls.

    What is estimated as a group of twenty people went on a destructive rampage.
    They carried a big banner, over ten feet long and five feet high,
    that said "We are the ungovernable", and went around smashing store and car windows,
    doing an estimated $100,000 worth of damage.
    The security guard at the library knew a lot about this group, having a name I can't spell.
    He said they go to Conservative Party functions and throw balloons full of urine at members,
    and do other disruptive things, saying they probably get paid to do that.
    There was an evening function hosted by this anarchistic group, for their members only,
    that night, and the doorman wouldn't let reporters in.
    People are quoted as saying this isn't America, and American style politics shouldn't be here.

    They're lucky to be in Hamilton, not Welland.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Steady news reports about America are saying the biggest wave of protest since the Viet Nam war,
    is not political adults, but teenagers saying they want to be the generation that changes it all,
    and that began as victims of serial killers using military assault weapons sold in public gun stores.

    A day of protest saw many schools letting students out to stand outside as quiet demonstrators.
    Some schools told students if they went outside they would be expelled,
    and some schools locked students in so they couldn't get outside.
    Over 2,000 students went to the White House and put their pairs of shoes on the front lawn,
    to show how many of them have been killed in schools in the last few years.

    Another day, thousands of students met in front of the White House,
    and stood there with their backs turned to it, saying that's how the White House treats them.

    President Donald Trump is now being reported as standing up to the NRA,
    saying the age to buy weapons should be 21, not 18,
    and maybe a background check would be a good thing before weapons are sold.
    He's also being reported as saying one thing, but doing the opposite.
    He called a senator a wimp for bending over backwards in public for the NRA,
    saying they would give him the money anyway.
    News reports also say his "trade war" and "tariffs" is a cover-up for these student protests.

    A police trained firearms expert, a local guard volunteer, who is a high school teacher,
    took out a revolver at the front of the class to demonstrate how guns can be safe.
    This, in response to President Trump saying teachers and janitors should carry guns as security.
    He pointed it to the ceiling to demonstrate that it wasn't loaded and pulled the trigger,
    and it went off, and bullet splinters were imbedded in the neck of a student.
    National news said right away he was trying to get publicity when it was only falling ceiling debris,
    but that changed when his medical report said it was metal from the bullet.

    More articles are saying some people think there should be a two week waiting time,
    calling it a cooling off period, so people who want to kill someone can calm down.
    Some articles say that only 4% of Americans are the ones who own all the guns,
    but long-time statistics say one in four Americans owns a gun.
    A new American documentary movie is now saying Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as a shooter,
    when President John Kennedy was assassinated.

    The student who was the shooter in Florida wants to plead guilty right away to avoid the death penalty.
    Local officials say they don't want to make that deal, and his trial could be a public wake-up call.
    The Police Chief says he is sickened in his heart, after security camera footage showed,
    that the police officer who first showed up, didn't go inside and hid behind a dumpster bin,
    getting on his cell phone to call it in, hiding with a school employee.
    The Chief said his first responsibility as a policeman was to confront the gunman,
    and if that had happened, how many lives could have been saved.

    And don't let the fact that Americans not dropping a nuclear bomb is a good thing.
    They have non-nuclear weapons that not only have the same devastating power,
    they're better, because there is no radiation and Americans can move in right away.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Traditional news sources are now carrying this story about President Donald Trump.
    They're saying he's a Russian plant after making a deal when he wanted to build in Russia.
    All of his email, his business deals, everything Russian about influencing the last election,
    was about Russians in Russia helping him become president with money and electoral interference.
    They're even quoting a book that details how all this happened.
    Now that a Trump family member has been cut off from his White House privileges,
    after being accused of lying and setting up America with off-shore financiers,
    his wife, a former model, is leaving him, and she still looks good in photos.
    The porn star known as Stormy Daniels is making more news and getting her photo in there more than ever.
    She offered to pay back the over $100,000 she got to agree not to talk about her affair with Donald Trump,
    when his second wife was pregnant, so she could go on talk shows and write a book about it.
    A male stylist friend of hers who was around when that was going on, is going on about it.
    He's giving tantalizing details about the relationship, saying he's a witness, and has some Trump email.
    Now Stormy Daniels is going on talk shows and is being featured in magazines,
    talking about how a White House lawyer is denying this deal and what he wants to keep hiding.
    So far, there hasn't been one mention of any expectation that this is going to be,
    President Donald Trumps' sex video.
    Actually, artificially, that's not true.
    There is a video of a man in a Trump body suit making it with a Stormy Daniels look-alike.
    And when I say video, that's just the best one, this becoming an online theme.
    I wish I knew how much You Tube gets to quickly delete new ones.

    And Facebook is losing more face as more people leave that sight in droves.
    New accusations of misuse and wrongful selling of private information,
    which have been settled in courts before, have now become so huge,
    the owner has been called to testify before a White House panel.
    Implications of Russians using Facebook to interfere with the election are part of that.
    The names of men and women who came to America to pose as Americans,
    using social media to interfere with elections on behalf of Donald Trump, is growing longer.

    Oh no! Oh no! I've been online typing about him too long. He's here.
    Here's a photo of the box cover and game board for "Trump The Game",
    with scans of the instruction cover and interior message.
    The first thing I thought was this isn't half as complicated as Monopoly.

    And speaking about not being very complicated,
    from Vice Presidential candidate and Senator Joseph Biden,
    is being quoted as saying he wants to take President Trump outside and beat him up.
    He mentioned this while he was making a speech to students, going way off-topic,
    and has been saying this a few times since in other interviews.
    President Trump said he'd go down with one punch and start crying like the baby he is.
    Commentators say that both of these old and out of shape men could only hurt themselves,
    while everyone agrees that Russian Premier Putin could take them both on and easily win.

    oh no... oh no... I hafta type this.
    Now that the cold war is over, and President Trump is seen as tweeting to run the White House,
    you can only say that Premier Putin has won the new BOLD WAR. Ow! That font hurt.
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    New Zealand 60, Canada 1, the final score-trumped-up4-jpg  
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    Tucson, Arizona
    I tend to not worry, nor care, about things that are beyond my control.

    The news today is all he said, she said ... you said, I said, they said ... etc etc ad-nauseum. I really do not think that the news media has one blinking idea of what really is going on in the political scene here in the US. They grab a story and run it to death, repeating the same story for weeks on end, and then analyzing it do tears trying to figure out what exactly was said. If they had listened to everything they would have known what was said.

    I am not registered with either major political party here in the US; my voting status is "Independent" meaning that for a general election I have the right to request any single parties ballot for the purpose of voting. I cannot ask for multiple parties ballot, only one party. I also cannot vote in primary elections and I have no problem with that at all.

    98% of the time I do not vote for any incumbent candidate ... I truly believe there needs to be term limits for all senate, congress positions just as there are term limits for governors and presidents.

    Everytime I open the newspaper either online or in print there is something always about the current president ... It's annoying especially when so many other important matters are happening in our world today that are equally important and are being put on the back burner or buried on page G-18 at the bottom left hand corner.

    Entertainment news is equally disgusting - we have to read how a well known star was "rushed to the hospital because the started to cough". Really? This is news? There are millions of people everyday who have "started to cough" and yet they are not rushed to the hospital and/or given national/world news coverage.

    Sorry ... I tend to get on a rant trip once in awhile. Rant over.

    I'm over it ... life goes on.

    I love everything associated with my music career - music is my gyroscope.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    That's a challenging concept, music is my gyroscope.
    I think of them as skipping and dancing and spinning away,
    whirling at different angles depending on the surface they're on.

    I was cleaning up the construction area and starting to build a music studio,
    and I had the radio on, a local station from Niagara Falls, and heard "The Ryan Seacrest Hour".
    That meant I had the radio on for over four hours.
    I started to think, I never heard one song about protesting serial killers in schools,
    when that's growing news every day. No-one mentioned it.
    I heard slow, painfully sung songs about predatory and addictive behavior,
    that I really wouldn't call professional entertainment, like a bad folk-singer.
    They were chatting it up, laughing at each other, saying really inane things,
    and I started to think Casey Kasem would be doing a better job.
    Lorde singing "Royals" was one of the up-beat songs,
    and "X's and O's" was about a female singer having sex around the world with different men,
    acting like she was getting what she wanted and didn't care about them.
    That might be a reverse attitude about male rock stars and women, but it's still very immature.

    CHUM-FM in Toronto: Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,
    as host of an American Bell network news and music show, on a Monday morning.
    "We're starting off the week with a big story about Katy Perry.
    She turned down six million dollars to pose nude for Playboy."

    Now I'm thinking about Z.Z. Top and getting more into their name.
    They said it's from an old yo-yo.
    oh no... oh no... I see me in this picture, being like a re-chargeable battery.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    People around Ontario talk about Toronto becoming Americanized, by the new crimes.
    This is a truly sad and bad one.
    A man drove onto a sidewalk to run down people and killed ten, injuring many others.
    This happened last night, just hearing about now on the radio.
    yeah... here I am, happy to type about Stratocasters and my inventive semi-solid-body,
    and as my life changes life in Toronto changes.
    In the United States, the highest percentage of murders is vehicular homicide.

    Another American term was used, "suicide by police".
    They say the officer who apprehended him should be commended,
    because the madman was confronting police in a way that could have gotten him shot,
    but the officer didn't use his gun.
    The announcer also said that if the officer had killed him no-one would have complained.
    That is a Toronto on-air personality saying that.
    And look at their online address for video.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    They are now saying in California that this is the biggest wildfire the state ever had.
    This new wildfire has only destroyed over seventy homes so far, and they're saying it's not even 20% contained.
    They're also saying they can't contain it, all the heat and drought creating perfect conditions everywhere.
    Another, smaller wildfire, has destroyed over 1,000 homes before it was contained.

    Here in the Niagara Peninsula, the recipient of the most global warming effects, between two Great Lakes,
    Lake Erie is experiencing the highest water levels anyone has seen in a long time.
    I can't bike-hike along most of the beaches, because the water is up behind backyards, docks and barriers.

    For some reason, this is making me think of something it was said that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau did,
    in the pool at the Prime Ministers' residence, having sex with Barbra Streisand.
    Being in California, having firestorms all around, and having a cool pool,
    might be the only reason I'd have sex with Barbra Streisand.
    no... I'd want to go underwater where I could snorkel.

    There were a couple more mass killings, serial killings, or mass murders, however you call them,
    in Toronto this last couple of months. One guy drove a car through people beside a street,
    and another used a gun.

    Have you seen the new Time cover, a photo blend of both President Trump and Premier Putin?
    Time is saying that even though President Trump stands a head taller than Premier Putin,
    Putin seemed to overshadow him and come off as the bigger man.

    If you have ever had a bad Jimi Hendrix experience... yeah... you know who to blame.

    I forgot to mention, just for JHC, that New Zealand sent 40 volunteer firefighters.
    Maybe California does have a chance.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I quoted an old statistic,
    saying that every day in the United States,
    there are over fifty serial killers driving around who can't be caught.
    New statistics say that's over 300.
    They say there are over 70 secret communities in the area around New York,
    religious cults, survivalists, para-military revolutionaries, all heavily armed.

    American news is making a big deal about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau crying.
    I never heard North American news talk about Russian Premier Vladamir Putin crying.
    Political people are calling for an election, saying Trudeau is just being a pretty boy,
    while Canada is falling to the Americans.
    And in the midst of what seems to be many world leaders crying while talking about their country,
    yeah... especially when it seems there is no more Turkish delight,
    I heard that the Danish keyboardist Frederik Magle has moved beyond dark organ and piano playing,
    and to express his new emotions about this new world view... and he gets around more than I do...
    he's going for a Greek influence... like the Sword of Damocles...
    getting a big, six foot long pointy icicle installed over his keyboard,
    so that when he plays... it's either going to crack from bad vibrations and fall on his head...
    or just melt and water up his organ... glacial tears... ancient water... rune-ing the keys...
    and for the first time do a remake of a Jimi Hendrix song... more than just tears, "Drifting".

    "Drifting, on a sea of forgotten heartaches, in a life-boat, waiting for your love".
    keyboard solo

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