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Thread: Please help: Bass Clarinet problems

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    Question Please help: Bass Clarinet problems

    I got another bass clarinet from my new school. I kept making squeaking noises, and I don't know why. 1. The ligature is not loose enough to reach the bottom of the mouthpiece. 2. The neck is not tightening to the body, keeps to swinging around...
    Does anyone know what might have caused the squeaking? The bass clarinet is suuuuper old and no one had cleaned it for a while now, so it's hard to find the cause.
    Please help!!!

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    On #2 above: sounds like the cork needs to be replaced. The fit should be rather tight.

    Would recommend a thorough professional cleaning and have the technician check on the pads as well.

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    I'm still thinking this bass clarinet could be an old one from a Disney studio,
    and he just needs to control the squeaking to get the same recording studio effects.
    Is it possible to get some eeks as well as squeaks?
    That swinging neck sounds like it was used during the soundtrack recording for Whiplash.
    It could be a valuable collectible, so I'd just sit on my bass and leave it as is.
    Playing bass on an electric bass just makes so much more sense.

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