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Thread: Hello everyone, Jazz musician / composer from California, USA

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    Hello everyone, Jazz musician / composer from California, USA

    Hello everyone.

    I am Joe Barnett and I am a Cosmic Jazz musician with the group Crystal Magic Orchestra.

    I have been playing Jazz for many years and we are recording a new type of Jazz which we call Cosmic Jazz.

    I have been playing Jazz and listening to Jazz for 49 years.

    Many years ago, I started out playing trumpet in a Jazz Band that played Count Basie music.

    I played jazz trumpet for 17 years.

    I now play jazz electric keyboard and electric guitar.

    Crystal Magic Orchestra's new type of Jazz is called Cosmic Jazz.

    Our Cosmic Jazz is music that helps the listener in many ways.

    I am looking forward to wonderful interaction on this forum and will enjoy talking about our music and how we create and record our fantastic new Jazz.

    An important part of our new Jazz is that we actually truly record through our Neumann Digital Microphone the highest light frequencies of Pink White Light onto audio tracks and then layer these Pink White Light frequencies into our Cosmic Jazz tracks and these highest light frequencies affect the music listener in wonderful and fabulous ways.

    Joe Barnett
    Jazz musician
    Crystal Magic Orchestra

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