Spiritual Odyssey is Russell Suereth’s fourth album, but the first to feature his singing. He previously was a new age keyboardist or synthesizer player with a world music flair, and his new vocal album still is in the new age arena, but it has elements of folk and pop because of the singing. The music has the sentiments and gentleness of new age music. It is pleasurable to listen to, but also works well as background music for a dinner-party or when you are reading the Sunday paper. This is curl-up-on-the-couch-with-a-good-glass-of-wine music. I am not sure exactly what he is singing about because the lyrics are vague, the singing is quiet and the vocals are just part of a thick mix. But we can assume from the album title and Suereth’s spiritual background that the music has something to do with the spiritual (at least inspired by spirituality, spiritual feelings or spiritual places). This is very pretty music -- no heaviness in sound or preaching. According to his background materials, Suereth is promoting a better world. Now there is a concept we can all get behind. Well, this music sounds positive and uplifting so perhaps it will help. If you like new age music with singing, then you should definitely go online and search out some samples of this to hear so you can make up your own mind.