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Thread: Ahlborn Hymnus 350 mechanical keyboard problem

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    Ahlborn Hymnus 350 mechanical keyboard problem

    Hi everybody,
    I recently unscrew the rear panel of a keyboard of my Ahlborn Hymnus 350 organ. I thought there were there the contacts of the keys, but not. In fact, this long metallic rule (see attached picture, it's the rule with 9 circular screws) seems to be a huge "screw" keeping the keys in place. Unfortunately, I'm not able to put it back correctly : whatever I try, half of the keys stay stucked and can not move anymore

    Does anybody have an idea of how to do the job ?

    Thanks a lot by advance for your answer.

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    Have you tried contacting the Albhorn Technical services:

    Here's the link.
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi...Is this organ, an European (German) based instrument. This organ hopes to have custom consoles.

    You might need to contact Klaus Reetze in Germany or Ahlborn organs in Italy.

    I have never observed consoles like those in the image, yet realize they had an Italy organization make wooden consoles, and later they utilized wood Fatar consoles.

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