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Thread: Explorers Movie Theme

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    Explorers Movie Theme

    Hello all. I am trying to find sheet music for Jerry Goldsmith Explorers Movie Main Theme (I think it is called class reunion). If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Thanks!

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    There is a possibility that the music you are seeking was never published. There are only 3 songs listed for the soundtrack:
    1) All Around the World
    2) This Boy Needs to Rock
    3) Less Than Perfect

    As Jerry Goldsmith is no longer with us (died in July 2004) we may never know if this piece was even intended to be recorded for distribution and/or printed in score form.

    Not all music that we hear during movies is made available for publication either in score form or recorded music due to royalty issues with performers and/or copyright provisions that may have been in place at the time the movie was released.

    Hope you are able to find the music though ... and good luck with your searching.
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