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Thread: Can't find Soundtrack, plz help.

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    Can't find Soundtrack, plz help.

    Hi, few time ago i saw a documentary and from minute 1h47m to 1h47m47s and from 1h47m47s to 1h49m26s there are two beautifil separeted soundtracks, that i could not identify (i like especially the second,from 1h47m47s to 1h49m26s).

    The link is this

    Unfortunately the speaker cover parts of the soundtrack but you can understand the theme.

    Another problem are two spots (30s each more or less) in the beginning of the docu and when you jump to the right minute, hope you be patient.

    If you could help me to identify the soundtracks (especially the second, that would be great.

    Ty for the consideration.

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    Unable to assist. Received error message:

    Per vedere questo video
    รจ necessario registrarsi


    To see this video
    it is necessary to register

    Doubtful anyone on this site will "register" on that site. Please provide a clip that you can upload into a posting here.
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    How can i upload the video? (i'm not good at managing videos so i registered a black video but the sound is ok). (the file is 54mb)

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