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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu, your concern is very touching. It's a warm welcome for me, now on my own computer.
    I've got two scans to show you, a hospital document and the statement I handed out in Niagara Falls.
    I want to correct you, there was nothing wrong with me, unless knowledge of a changed law is wrongful.
    You can see I said I know I was trespassing, but that was changed to stunting, an immediate $10,000 fine,
    being arrested and put in jail until you paid it or did the time.
    Part of that was decided to be unfair to me by the two police officers and their superintendent.
    These were Niagara Parks police who control the border, not police from the city of Niagara Falls.
    The United States has no extradition for Americans who commit financial crimes in other countries.
    That's right. An American can commit any kind of financial crime in any other country in the world,
    and if they make it back to American soil, a loosely defined word around the globe,
    you can't be sent back to face arrest.
    That means Niagara Parks Police have to detain anyone arrested for financial crimes,
    because if they cross the border they can't be called back. My potential fine is part of that.

    The employee from the Ministry of the Attorney General visited me twice.
    She set me up with an activist lawyer from Hamilton, who visited me twice.
    That got me released as soon as possible, or four days early.

    When I got back I phoned Niagara Parks Police. They gave me a new incident number.
    This evening, as arranged, a new police officer came to look at me and all my evidence,
    so those who have made my life suffer, and miss being a mayoral candidate, can be arrested.
    And for those criminals who monitor my use of computers,
    when you always think you are one step ahead, others can strategize knowing that.

    I saved a lot of money today.
    I went to an optometrist to have an eye test and see about new glasses,
    wanting to do something good for myself. I paid $64 six years ago.
    Today, it was free, the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan, OHIP, paying for it, now that I'm over 65.
    Before I went away for fourteen days, I had a 3 day new release movie from the library,
    and a TV episode, a year's worth of DVDs, and I had to pay a big fine.
    Okay, big for me. Even though I brought them back today,
    a librarian retro-renewed them so I didn't have to pay.

    Now that this hospital stay is all over, I have one view of my experience.
    It was a vacation away from my life, and I really needed it. You know that.
    I felt such a sense of peace come over me on the bus, looking out at the sky.
    People in the bus station talked with me, asking about my tartans.
    I came home with six new email and mailing addresses from new friends.
    One of them was from a university student from Jordan, another from Syria.

    If you can see the email address of the lawyer from Hamilton,
    I'm sure he'd get a big kick if he saw an email from Brazil that supported me.

    I always keep my refrigerator on low, and try to keep vegetables growing.
    Being away for fourteen days, nothing went bad.

    One of the owners of the music store in Toronto where I got the lefty mail-order Strat,
    send me another email, sharing a musicians joke and asking how I am.
    He's trying to get two lefty tremolo units for me, instead of buying the entire kit.
    I can always sell any left-handed guitar I make.
    Please be forewarned: when I finally make a recording of me playing along with you,
    you might want to buy a lefty guitar and try playing it upside down.
    Just as you might derail your own train by listening to Coltrane,
    you can be left right behind playing a left-handed guitar right-handed.

    A jazz trumpeter is seeing a lot of new players with afros,
    and wearing the kind of clothes their African ancestors wore.
    He decided he needed to get in touch with his roots, and flew to Africa.
    As he walked off the plane, he heard drums. He turned and asked the stewardess,
    what's with the drums. She said beware when the drums stop.
    On the cab ride into the city, he kept hearing the drums in the distance.
    He asked the cab driver, and he said watch out when the drums stop.
    When he was checking in to the hotel he could still hear the drums.
    He asked the man behind the counter, who said don't be around when the drums stop.
    When he was laying in bed, hearing the drums, drumming, drumming, drumming,
    he went outside and asked a man on the street, what happens when the drums stop.
    The man said oh no, we get a bass solo.

    yeah... how low can I go? That's an old Buddy Rich joke.

    Delicious Grace-stay-1-jpgDelicious Grace-stay-2-jpg

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    My dear friend Jonh! How nice it's to hear from and see that everything is ok. What a relief!

    I went through the files and can count on me on that matter. It sound like everybody is really giving you a hard time. I was so sorry to hear about your brother.

    But let's talk about good things... The weekend is here and it's time for a good time! (Ha!)

    I'm getting a lot of good reviews about the song ''The Boy From Memphis''. That's cool although I do not seek for that. Been playing a lot. Now I got back to the piano. It's time to develop some songs that really ask for it. That's so good. Sitting there and just playing. I forget about all the daylife stuff and connect to myself, to my music, to my soul actually.

    This year I will put out another song in demo status. I'm not sure which one yet but I'll get there. My songs need to get heard by people I came to conclusion. I tend to keep a a lot to myself. I'm working on it. If you lived here you would be very welcome to join Delicious Grace for a recording session.

    Take care, my friend!

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! It's a good thing, talking about good things, you're right on about that.
    Today, Saturday, is when my half Inuit, half Irish friend from Fort Erie has his buy and sell upstairs.
    I was up there before he was, with his two signs out on the sidewalk. He was smiling as he pulled up.
    A Methodist Pastor, someone who visited me months ago, came down into my work space.
    We talked for over half an hour, and he wanted to know about Sons and Daughters of the Gael.
    He was amazed at my Holy Bible, with three chapters after Revelation, showing it to him.
    He was a conscientious objector during the Viet Nam war, his soldier family disowning him,
    and when he had to serve as a missionary pastor after graduating, he went to Viet Nam.
    He had some incredible stories to tell.
    Around here, people say look at North Vietnam with Google maps, looking like a barren wasteland.

    A computer expert from Fonthill and his left-handed guitar playing father also wanted to see,
    showing them my paintings and my guitars.
    He pulled out a USB stick and plugged it into my computer, that has really slowed down.
    He defragmented and other things, installing some programming with three new icons.
    I paid him $20, thinking about the money I saved this week.

    I still giggle a little when I open the box and look at that left-handed guitar, all in pieces.
    As far as building a guitar goes, I've never owned all those left-handed parts all at once.
    Showing my semi-solid-body guitars got such a big reaction, I'm motivated to finish them.
    Every day I'm thinking I'm going to be jamming with you for a video, and now,
    just like you, I'm going to focus on my music once again.
    Showing you those documents was as much about showing you proof of what I was doing,
    so you could see what was keeping me from guitar playing, as it was anything political or legal.

    Uh... you got me thinking about songwriting.
    It's funny for me that I can go through crosswords until they're too easy,
    the same with Soduko, jig-saw puzzles, even books and artwork, but not songwriting.
    That's also easy for me, thinking I can write any kind of song I want to, any time I want,
    but it's not a challenge, exercise, or mental game for me.
    When I'm in a band, writing a song is having a song that isn't part of the bands set list,
    doing that so I can get a style or complexity that is necessary for me.
    If I had a choice of writing songs and recording an album,
    or going out on a bike-hike, getting out in nature would always win.

    Here's a good example.
    Elvis Junior, the only legitimate son of Elvis, as far as Elvis admitting it, legally,
    played around Ontario, doing a gig at the Welland Arena.
    That was after he paid $40,000 for his mirror effect, like he was walking out of a mirror.
    He also wore over $75,000 worth of jewellery around his neck,
    his biggest piece, his name in platinum with huge diamonds, said to be a gift from Elvis.
    I got a call from a recording studio in Niagara Falls, owned by a former roadie friend of mine.
    He said I should get over there without telling me anything, but he was serious so I went.
    When I walked into the booth there was Elvis Junior sitting there, in all his finery.
    We got into talking about Douglas, the only Elvis imitator to sing onstage with Elvis,
    telling you about him already, and Selvis, the highest paid Toronto Elvis imitator, also telling you.
    I had my guitar, but we were having such a good time talking about the music and shows,
    I never did plug it in. He wanted my number, but I said I can't cross the border into the States.
    I'm sure he thought I was busted for drugs as part of the War on Drugs during the Ronald Reagan years,
    and I left it at that. Just like Elvis, he was very pro-America.

    All Elvis imitators say the same thing.
    If Elvis was alive he'd want the best guitarist playing on stage with him,
    and they all say that would be Jimi Hendrix. I've got a big step up when it comes to that.
    Tell you what.
    I'm not prepared to even try playing guitar tonight, having weekend store work to do.
    I have an offer to have another $100 taken of my next rent if I do it, so I will. Easy. Painting.
    I haven't opened the lid on my stage amplifier since I was made homeless six years ago,
    being made homeless five times in four years, so I'll do a photo journey and explain my equipment.
    I'm feeling so good, seeing my amp will be a real treat for me.
    Unfortunately, the Marshall stereo pre-amp has a sleep mode, and it might not want to wake up.
    Right now, nothing or nobody is more awake and alert than I am,
    unless you're looking at your young and tanned body as the girl from Ipanema walks by.
    yeah... I'm going to make something to eat and do that after...
    That's not a step towards recording with you, but it's opening up my past life to my life now,
    and that's something I have to do, my past musical experiences being a big part of who I am now.

    Get ready Eduardo, you're going to see something you never saw before,
    and I can say that, because I built some of it myself.
    It's going to hurt a little, seeing what I had going before, that I'll never be able to do again,
    because all those venues, all those gigs, all those agents and talent scouts, the musicians union,
    aren't there any more. Magle dk, and right now typing with you,
    is all the computer activity involving music that I want to do.
    But then, I always think that if I put up a You Tube video of me playing "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix,
    as you can only play it left-handed upside-down, it would go viral in days.
    In all my life, I am the only other guitarist who has played the strings the same as Jimi,
    and when other guitarists see that, they can only see that if they are seeing me.
    But then, if I do that,
    they won't want to come and see the old man onstage they heard about who does that.
    And if nothing, I want my life to be real. Very real. As real as real can be.
    I saw enough people with problems that dominate their lives, without admitting that truth,
    to ever want to deceive myself again... and that's technology for you, and now, between us.
    Decepticons, they are real and drain your life energy out of you, online all the time.

    I'm going to put on some Frederik Magle dark piano while I'm preparing my meal.
    That's like listening to a musical postcard from Denmark.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! Good evening. My photos of my stage amplifier aren't what I expected.
    It was the new upgrade, where my computer had to upgrade before it turned off,
    or the new programming the computer expert installed this afternoon,
    that make my "pictures" work different.
    I took all the photos I wanted, always doing extras, with my Canon camera.
    It ran out of batteries. I used my Samsung to get the last photos.
    When I did my photos in pictures, when I went to change the camera photo title,
    to "amp !", a new pop-up said if I changed the title the extension might become unusable.
    I'm thinking oh no, another something to click just to do photos, so I kept going, amp 2, amp 3...
    Sure enough, when I saw them open they were just a blank page, lost, deleted as I downloaded.
    I tried a couple of new photos with the Samsung, no batteries charged for the Canon,
    and it did the same thing, seeing, not the date the photo was taken, but "SAM-0456-9356" numbers like that.
    You know I'm an old word processor who likes to do photos,
    putting my bike-hike photos on discs so I can look back to relive memories,
    and have them in order so I can find the photos I want, if I'm using them for email attachments.
    This is not good.
    I had to take my Samsung and redo all the lost photos, and that got me thinking about technology.
    I also realized I shouldn't use them here, all about my amp, when that should go in musical instruments.
    I know I could type a chapter in a long book about my equipment, so I'll do it there.
    I also feel like I've high-jacked your thread enough.
    So please, Eduardo, have a look in "musical instruments" to see it.
    I always moved my amp myself, always set it up myself, and tore it down myself.
    Roadies, band managers and venue owners all respected me for taking care of my own equipment.
    But Eduardo, that was a selfish act for me, not only sneaking in an advance soundcheck for myself,
    but being the first band member to be standing onstage playing my guitar and amp,
    feeling out the room or venue, playing my heart out, so happy to be set up for another gig.
    If strippers or dancers or daytime entertainment was sharing the stage, I had an advance party.
    That only made the customers, listeners or media want to come back to see the band.
    And if the owner was there, saying John, you're a real pro, a real entertainer, a real showman,
    that usually got me an invitation to have something to eat for free.

    If I have a plan here, I'm going to do one reply for every photo, describing it in detail.
    If anyone else can put together a system like this with the same specs,
    they'll have the most advanced and most ethereal spacial resonance and feedback reactivity,
    if not a sonic-tonic, for whatever acoustic ills they might suffer.
    Jimi Hendrix never had equipment like this. You'll see for yourself.
    In "musical instruments", "John Watts' custom amplifier", an easy title for me.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! I just got back from "musical instruments", doing ten lengthy postings with photos.
    That was over four hours of typing with very little editing, except for adding more explanations.
    When I went to "musical instruments" to see it from the start, it already had twenty views.
    I hope my music career takes off as fast when I get back up onstage.
    I can dream, can't I?

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    okay... okay... Eduardo... I finally got it together to make a video playing electric guitar.
    This is as much a video to get it together to record one playing along with your video,
    as it is trying to be a content provider for onacarom and overall.
    I didn't warm up on guitar, this being an impulsive move, and the camera could have been aimed better.
    It wasn't good today, having to call the police again, with two witnesses waiting for that.
    I'm a little wound up, so instead of not sleeping and watching a TV episode, I did this.
    If I played a little slower, it would have been easier and more like the original songs.
    I'm tempted to go back and try one with me playing lead. Watt can happen?
    I gave it a difficult title, so no-one can search for it, needing to access a link.
    I'm going to use this as a reply for onacarom.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I went right back and did a better one, playing lead guitar this time.
    My playing would be better if I warmed up a little.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    When I say went right back and recorded another, that was then.
    Doing one a few days later felt that way.
    Now... after doing the lead guitar video, as soon as I finished on YouTube and here,
    I did go right back and make another one of me playing back-up guitar and singing.

    You might have to start feeling some pressure here as the viewing numbers keep adding up.
    The sticky that starts this thread has over 6,000 views, and we have over 4,000.
    The most views for any other thread on this page has just over 2,000 views.

    I'm going to put up a scan that should increase the performance pressure on you,
    from the Niagara Falls Review, after a new band began.
    Between sets, I could go across the street and look down into the Niagara Gorge,
    and see the water that was generating our electricity.

    Delicious Grace-scannablizing-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu, Eduardo, let me ask you, what kind of guitar tone would you like me to use?
    An acoustic sound, warm, mellow jazzy tones, raunchy blues, distortion or super distortion?
    fretting fingers want to know...
    I'm thinking a cleaner tone, so I can use chordal formations and blend in notes with you,
    not just tripping out over what you've done.
    It's not easy thinking about what I would play because you're not repetitious, having a deeper flow.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I'm starting to think of my new audio-video enthusiasm as being like when I got my first Crybaby wah-wah pedal.
    I got into it big time, doing that every time I could until I was happy with what I could do.
    What was a good Jimi Hendrix lesson for me wasn't from any of his self-produced studio albums.
    "A Cry of Love" was the next album he would have put out after he passed away, containing songs he never finished.
    There was one song on that album that was just two tracks, one a mellow toned rhythm guitar,
    the other being lead guitar with a Crybaby. "Belly Button Window"
    The chord progression was easy, for Jimi, and the chords themselves were easy, for Jimi.
    I see that as being a basic rhythm track where he could experiment with wah-wah sounds.
    That made it easy to figure out and jam along with.
    "Belly Button Window" was about a baby in the womb looking out at a world he was afraid to enter.
    Jimi gets into previous Crybaby use, and then ups his technique for baby sounds, gurgling sounds,
    the most expressive he has ever been. He was probably sitting when he did this,
    it requires such an extensive and precise technique, and a far more floppy left foot.

    "fretting fingers want to know, Part Four", describes the use of a Gmaj chord.
    The ending chord passage of "Castles Made of Sand" is the most difficult guitar part,
    that I have ever tried to figure out and play. Okay... I won't repeat my YouTube commentary.

    However, Eduardo, you can see I'm finally getting into making YouTube videos, as much as I can,
    and recording myself playing along with your video will be my next horizon.
    Now I am truly living in the land of the new rising sun... just like you.
    Four and a half minutes long.
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    Hello my dear friend John! I was so glad to see you in a good shape and mood. That was the best feeling I could get.

    What an honor to be mentioned in your video. That was hard to pronaunce my name, wasn’t it? When I was living in England everybody just called me Eddie. That was easier for them. Though I don’t like it very much. In Brazil a nickname for Eduardo is either Dudu or Edu.

    Thank you for those lessions. You really know what you’re talking about. Great job! I’m not that technical but I could absorve a lot. I prefer when you play songs though. It’s always easier to learn doing the real suttf. I’m not into exercises, repetitions, etc. My goal is always create a sound, a melody or something that can lead into a song.

    I was watching a interview the other day with Paul McCartney and he said something like that. He’ s not even expert in reading music. He just knows enough to create good music. I can relate to that.

    What a cool piece of article you’ve got. Man, that was awesome! You looked very cool in that panther-tiger-type-of-trousers. I wonder what you setlist was back then. I didn’t know you were a leadsinger. Whenever I talk about you I see you more of guitarplayer than anything.

    In resume you did a very good job and I really liked it. Keep bring those videos out! That’s a good outlet for you. In the third or so video I could noticed that you were more relaxed and playing with more flow. I know it’s hard to be in front of a camera but you’ve made it! Congrats, my friend.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! You're saying I got more relaxed and played with more flow,
    when I can see what you're typing here and can say the same thing.
    The more font I see from you, the more it means to me.

    Please don't think they were lessons for you.
    I was watching YouTube videos where guitarists are teaching you something,
    and the only influence they had on me was deciding not to show my face.
    It has been difficult for me to just want to make a video, and then equally hard to get it together.

    I spent ten hours two days ago making a new door barrier with a secret way to open it,
    and I built up one wall, where you could climb over a vendors booth at the back,
    and get into my apartment. I left some markers up there and saw they were moved.
    That helps me relax here, and have confidence I can build my guitars without anything being stolen.
    You would have to use a sledgehammer to get into my apartment now.

    When I auditioned as a lead guitarist, unless it was a band I really liked, I didn't sing.
    Usually, it was more about being part of a show, playing a role, for a show set.
    Being able to dance and move around onstage was a big part of my act.
    Those tiger stripe tights came from a punk rock store in Ottawa, very sexy.
    When I was saying I was Scottish, girls would ask if I had underwear on underneath them.
    I would ask "do tigers have underwear on under their skin?" That's onstage attitude.

    My fourth video really is a lesson, showing how Jimi Hendrix used a Gmaj chord in two songs.

    You asked about the Trouble Clef songlist, and that's a name I didn't really like.
    We did Police songs, some on the charts, Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Can't Stand Losing You,
    Walking on the Moon, Da Do Da Da, nice song to jam up.
    New Wave and Stepping Out by Joe Jackson, Let's Dance by David Bowie, on the charts...
    with some songs by Ontario and Canadian bands.

    I'm not trying to bring you down, or myself, but playing with your video won't be like a video by myself.
    In a way, it will feel like phone sex... something I did once with a girlfriend who was away on vacation.
    I could easily write a letter to share my deepest personal thoughts, but once on the phone was enough.
    Just playing on top of your entire production feels wrong from the start,
    but as you can see, I have gotten into making videos with me playing electric guitar, so you are coming up soon.
    Right now, I can see doing one about playing with a wah-wah pedal.
    That's more about timing with your foot, from moving it in time with the beat, what most guitarists did,
    to waving it with more complications than syncopated and poly-rhythmic drumming.

    But you know what, Eduardo. It's giving me confidence as an older man who hasn't been in a band for too long.
    I'm not onstage, that's for sure, but I'm seeing myself online where so many others are.
    And I don't want to give it all away online, because I want people to come and see me.

    When I do what I'm going to do this afternoon and tomorrow, I'll bring a camera,
    and ask someone else to take a photo of me so you can see, not only where I'm at,
    but what I'm up to. Unless it's raining.

    When I mentioned phone sex, these YouTube videos have some of that feeling,
    like part of it is jerking off by myself with technology. Guitar video porn.
    I need some chords and drums and bass, rhythm, to work off of. I really do. That's all I've ever done.
    When I first saw these videos, I was surprised to see how I'm playing while I'm standing up and moving around.
    I really can't dance or move around for real, having so little space, but I'm not standing still.
    Songsters, that would be a nice play on words for a band name for you.
    If you saw those videos, would you audition me? My singing was too quiet, almost not singing.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! I'm here just to show you a photo and a scan.
    This is me today, across the street from City Hall, standing on the corner with my sign.
    I can really say it's my sign because I made it, the first black and white sign I made for myself.
    I'm not happy seeing my face, squinting my eyes from the bright sun you can see in the background,
    and that's me smiling, seeing those creases between my mouth and nose.
    This is where I do my strolling troubadour gig, and the round sign is one I did the lettering for.
    The owner, who took the photo, sells antique and artisan furniture, so he wanted an old time style.

    The scan is the statement I was handing out.
    We get into our feelings about politics, so I think this is cool.
    I had a good time, almost everyone taking one.
    One man said "So you're the John Watt I've been reading and hearing about".

    Delicious Grace-sam_0579-jpgDelicious Grace-statement-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Wow! I'm back after a snooze.
    I look old and tired, but the line on my right side of my face isn't there in reality.
    The camera did that.
    One time, after midnight, when I was the only person on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls,
    after Americans closed one bridge and had new security crossings for Americans,
    I stood in the middle of the street at the top of the hill and took a photo looking down.
    All the attractions had their lights on, the most lit up street in Canada.
    The camera went half way down the road and then curved the sides together,
    making curbs, sidewalks, trees and blurred lights, creating it's own scene.
    You can see how the natural daylight in the background is too bright,
    and it's an overcast day without all the sunlight.

    That's my favorite font for taller lettering, Franklin extended bold.
    Even the sign doesn't look straight, the camera lens bending that.
    My outdoors Sony camera was stolen, using this indoors portrait Samsung.
    I also made the antique looking round sign you see beside me,
    wanting that in the photo.

    You might have to put up with a couple of more audio-videos of me playing guitar,
    before I can get into jamming with yours. It's strange for me, playing with these electronics.
    If I was playing piano with the camera at my back, that would be a lot easier.
    Looking at this photo, I should have had the top button on my shirt done up.
    I started off that way, but walking with the strap and getting statements out of my tote bag,
    must have loosened it up. Sorry Eduardo. I know you're more stylish than that.

    Here's a young teenager music joke you might not have heard in English in Brazil.
    What's better than roses on a piano? Tulips on an organ.
    Yowza! They shoot horses, don't they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    I just noticed that three previous posts have the same posting number.
    When this domain went down during the rebuild, like most others,
    I lost a lot of posts or I'd be over 3,000 now.
    The more you post the more photos you can use.
    I don't want to lose that.

    I'm editing to say I looked and there are five with 2,808.
    If I thought the admins weren't looking,
    I'd get into some 40hz comments.
    I checked that the setting is "ON" to count posts in this forum area towards total post count.
    I'll keep searching for a solution though.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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