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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Good things, good things Eduardo, or alcapone dudu, are happening because of you.
    Here's a very very good band I'm sure you know, and if you don't, here's a video.
    The guitarist is playing a Godin, so I'm going to try and get into the picture here.
    I bought an Art & Lutherie acoustic to use in the backyard where I was living one summer,
    so I didn't have to get an extension chord and set up to play my electric.
    That was about just strumming chords to get into singing.
    I wrote Art & Lutherie to ask about their low-gloss finish, and they wrote back.
    They wanted proof that I wasn't a manufacturer, so I sent photos of my semi-solid-body.
    This letter from President Robert Godin was totally unexpected, and I never applied for a job.
    The fact that he says I have my own innovations and guitar concepts is really nice.
    I didn't know at the time that Godin owned Art & Lutherie.

    Today was a really good day, mostly about one thing.
    The building owner came down from Toronto to take all the garbage bags to the dump,
    what we did last weekend. We also moved two fold-out beds down two stories,
    with other furniture, also tossing that all around at the dump.
    I alway say I've got the legs from bike-hiking and walking around everywhere,
    so I was surprised to be doing all this upper body work and not feeling any strain.
    We made three trips that cost over $120, big heavy loads.

    Delicious Grace-robert-godin-jpg

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    Hello John. How are you, my friend? It's been quite a long time. A lot of things happened in between the last we chatted. I was on a mini-vacation from work. Went to the south of Brazil for a little of peace and tranquility. My girlfriend was there aswell so it was all great. I'm all charged up now! Ha!

    Glad to hear from you. I missed our weekly conversation.

    Yes, I do know this band you've mentioned. That's a Jobim's song, I believe. One of our greatest composers ever.

    I was watching the news the other day and I saw that in Canada marijuana is totally legal, is that right? What is your take on that, John? I'm asking you this because you seem to have a very good social perception.

    How's your playing going? Do not forget music, my friend!

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! Yes... I've been looking and waiting to see you again, and I'm glad it was a vacation that took you away.
    I've been on an enforced vacation, losing both apartment painting jobs and owed some money. I'll try to collect today.

    Thank you for your compliment about me having a good social perception. I get around, that's for sure.
    My basic line about legal marijuana is this. There is too much drugs already. Why make more legal?
    This is causing a lot of anger for the public and politicians. That's also described as being confused about how legal it is.
    Some stores have been closed before they opened because they were too close to schools.
    Some municipalities have passed their own bylaws about making it illegal to smoke in public.
    It's illegal to smoke tobacco in public, even outside, in Ontario. People want stronger laws for weed.
    Right now, more people are getting legal weed by ordering it online and getting it delivered.
    A lot of the public think that is very suspicious.

    My enforced vacation was more about me being made to be so tired I could hardly stay awake.
    Except for going out to shop for groceries after the sun went down, I really haven't done anything.
    I've been here at a lot, making a new thread in "fusion and cross-over", but that's not much.
    However, this morning is different. I feel more back to normal.

    Laying around not doing much gave me a lot of time to think and gather my musical thoughts.
    I watched a lot of YouTube videos and feel more like a song-writer and got confident about a new singing style.
    Those videos I made? I now see them as being an attempt to get in touch with my musical past,
    and see me in the light of this new technology.

    I also got an offer to move out to B.C. where all expenses will be covered.
    My friend is also thinking about coming back to Welland to visit family and buy a van,
    so he can move me to B.C. where I can be his artist employee. He knows what it takes to get me moving.
    That's a happy thought.

    My newest line is about me having my first middle-aged moment even if I'm a senior.
    I'm saying I'm getting confused about the seasons, laying in piles of maple leaves and making snow angels.

    My expectations about you and me have only grown, even if it's a new kind of pressure I never felt before.
    All I want to do is come off as professional, even if I really want to be beautiful and amazing.
    That used to be how I lived, and I want to get out there again.
    A lot of news from Brazil and watching historic YouTube videos about Brasil kept me in touch with you.
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    Hello John. I'm sorry about your enforced vacation but at the same time I'm glad that you're ok now.

    We're getting a lot news about this marijuana thing in Canada. That is for sure a complicated matter.

    Tell me more about this offer you got. That's a good thing, right? What you mean by B.C.?

    After this mini-vacation I took, I'm getting back to music now. I'm in a situation where it's getting harder to remember all the songs I wrote. Glad I keep record of everything. I never thought this day would come. That's funny.

    This past weekend I saw the Queen movie ''Bohemian Rhapsody''. That's so good ot surrounded by good music. The film could go on forever and I would be still sitting there watching. That's the magic of Queen. If you haven't, you should see it.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! This is going to be short because this is an early day look here, usually typing at night.
    And lately, only going out at night. It is nice to be feeling more energetic. I even had a big dream about it.

    B.C. is British Columbia, the west coast of Canada. It's a long way to go and if I do it could be permanent.
    But right now it's just a nice offer to think about.

    I made up a rule for myself when it comes to songs I wrote, songs I learned, and playing guitar.
    If I can't remember it's not worth remembering. If I can only remember a part of a song I wrote,
    then it can become a part of a newer song I think is better.
    I do write down words and keep them even if I don't finish a song,
    and not finishing a song is good because they change depending on the band I'm in.

    I remember when a musician friend of mine who did a college radio show invited me over.
    He said you've got to listen to this, playing the first Queen album. I didn't think it was rock music.
    The fact that American sports stadium audiences chant Queen songs proves that to me.
    The movie is supposed to be really good, only seeing rave reviews about it.
    uh... I was thinking of getting some false teeth and dressing like Freddie for Halloween,
    but I started to feel afraid about getting more tricks than treats.... ouch!

    Here's a stab in the dark. Any chance your last name is "Saqueira"?

    I'm being haunted by those videos I made.
    I would delete them but that would kill too many threads here.

    If you saw the Queen movie at a theater, how much did you pay to get in?
    As much as that, how much does a large popcorn with triple butter cost?

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